Horse Racing Across Different Geographical Regions

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The trends in horse racing vary across the different geographical regions of the world. The most famous horse that is recognized in Canada is the Northern Dancer. The said horse has been recognized to be the ever fastest in the derby race which has the duration of two minutes. The largest purse in the industry of horse racing is available in Pattison Canadian International.

Australia has been recognized as one of the top three nations as far as the thorough breeding racing is concerned. In the early years of settlement itself, horse racing as a sport was founded in Australia. There is a championship of great renounce in Australia called the Melbourne Cup. It has known to attract a lot of entries at the international level in this sport. The first ever country racing club of Australia was established in Wallabadah. Even in the present times, the Wallahbadah Cup is held on New Year’s Day.

In Mauritius also, horse racing is definitely one of the most popular sports and it has been known to attract large number of crowds. The horse races are organized in a highly professional manner in this country and it has always known to attract and drive a unique as well as an electrifying ambiance. Most of the horses which are found to be participating in the horse races that are organized in Mauritius are generally imported from South Africa. It has been also observed that some of these horses are also acquired from France, United Kingdom France and Australia.

Horse racing is a very well-known sport in New Zealand and it has been established for a long period of time. In fact, a significant contribution is made by this sport to the economy of New Zealand. There are several race courses in New Zealand. Some of the most well-known race courses are Tulloch, Rising Fast, Sunline, Desert Gold, Carbine, Nightmarch, Desert Gold, among others.

The sport of horse racing first had its origin in the year 1797. National Horse acting Authority was the first ever national horse racing body in South Africa. The foundation of this body took place in 1882.There are several notable events that took place with respect to South Africa in the horse riding sport.

A rich history of horse racing is also a characteristic of Ireland. The most popular form of horse racing that has been to exist in Ireland is Jump racing or National Hunt racing. A mature horse racing industry exists in France. Some of the horse racing events has a very long following in France. One of the horse races that are known to be held twice in Italy is Palio de Siena. Preceding the race is one of the magnificent pageants. This has been known to attract the visitors and different spectators in such big way.

In Great Britain, the races that are normally seen are the ones which involve hurdles, fences and different obstacles. This race is termed as National Hunt racing. There are unobstructed races over a given distance.

In Malaysia, horse racing occupies a position as one of the gaming activities and there are also some of the well developed race courses there. It has been recognized as one of the legal forms of gambling. The different rules that govern the sport of horse racing in Malaysia are regulated by the Racing Association of Malaysia.

The sport is also recognized as an eventful activity in the other geographical regions of the world such as Singapore, India, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, etc.

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