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As I sit here, in my modern, chic cafe with my parents, I sit and think about how breathtaking Miami is. I look out from the window and see couples, hand in hand, children playing with each other, but the thing that stands out is of course the beautiful blue crystal clear waters, and the silk golden sands that surround them. Now, on only my third day of my weeklong holiday with my parents, I have done so much already. Although the best part of the holiday so far, is the fact that I wake up every morning to an amber, golden sunrise.

In England, a sunrise that pure and stunning is a very rare sight, yet the first morning I woke up in Miami, I got out of my bed and simply watched the sun rise. The atmosphere was one of peacefulness and tranquillity, it was like nothing at all could harm me, or that there was nothing wrong with the world. But then that peacefulness and tranquillity came to a standstill when my moaning parents woke up and told me to get back into bed!

The hotel that we were spending the next week in was titled The Sun House; the name hardly struck me as a revelation as every occasion I looked up at the sky or gazed at a shop sign, I was immediately bedazzled with a powerful ray of light, that right away sent a shiver up my spine. The room we were staying in was unbelievable; it was too good to be true! It had everything that you could desire from a hotel room. When I reflect on ‘hotel rooms’, suddenly Basil Faulty’s face unexpectedly appears in my mind, not forgetting all the calamities that went on at his hotel.

But this hotel was entirely different. I felt as though I was not myself, but a very wealthy woman, who would frequently experience this kind of extravagance. The first day we spent here, we laid on the overwhelmingly striking sands, the midday sun beating down on us. Some children played around us, some building the sandcastles that we all have made, with the guidance of a plastic bucket! Some were paddling in the sea, while their cautious parents followed them. As I saw these children swimming in the sea, I decided to join them, as the water seemed relaxing.

I couldn’t have been more right, the water was soothing and to my surprise warm, as most seas are freezing, but as I have to keep on reminding myself, this is Miami. After several hours of soaking up the heat, the dandelion coloured sun finally decided to set, though I was not distressed, as I knew that it would await me the next morning. The food here in Miami is simply superb, ranging from fine delicacies from other countries to the greasy hamburger, which we all have once in a while. Though we seem to steer clear of the greasy foods, as Miami offers plenty of healthy eating options.

Each and every one of the restaurants that we have visited, and dined in, all have been very pleasurable eating. Food here in Miami are frequently very exotic, food that you will never meet in other countries, you do here. Chocolate is also exquisite, the kind that when you put in your mouth, after a few minutes it starts to gradually melt in your mouth. During the Miami heat of the midday sun, there is plenty to do. On our second day here we visited a luxurious health farm, which is hidden away from all the enthusiasm and bustle of Miami central, to give that relaxing feel.

While my father went off to play calming yet spirited game of golf, my mother and I went to the fresh, alluring pool, and comparable to the sea we had visited earlier, before visiting the massage parlour. The only word I can use to explain the way I felt when being massaged is heaven. My problems melted away, just as they did when I watched the sunrise each morning. It was then when I realised that Miami was the single most tranquil place I had ever visited in my existence. The only part of the holiday, which I can say, was, dare I say dreadful, was the journey to our destination, Miami.

We took off from Stanstead, at a premature time of four o’clock in the morning. Not being an early starter it wasn’t the most pleasurable experience in my life, I can assure you that. We were set in Middle class, where a small amount of children were sat. The noise that can come from approximately three juveniles was hard to believe. I think that maybe it has put me off childbirth for my life. Although, the earphones that were given out to you at the beginning of the flight, which could be used to listen to selected radio stations and the film that was being shown throughout the flight.

It was that simple yet effective device that soon calmed me down. Yet as you can imagine was extraordinarily worth it when I set foot out of the Boeing 747 and the Miami beams sun hit my face and body. From frosty, depressing and mind-numbingly boring England to electrifying, extraordinary and mind blowing Miami. Going to Miami was a vacation that I will never fail to remember, as the time I had was unlike any that I have ever experienced, and one that in the future I hope to see again.

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