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Real name is Fujifilm Holdings Corporation. Very well known for is photographic film and cameras around the world. Fuji is operating over 220 subsidiary companeis for research, manufacturer and distributor with manufacaturing faclities in Asia, Europe and North America. Also produce computer media storage devices. Other famous groups of companies in Japan which have contributed a lot in the progress of Japan’s economy bubble burst in 1989-90 and economy slow downed. Bank have bad loans, business conditions are not transparent.

Local governments have taken loan over their capacity and have become dependent upon the central government resources. Population is aging, aged population are more than younger facing local manpower problem. New demands on health and pension funds increased. Economic reforms facing difficulties for the implementation due to politics. Expenditure on public spending has tightened. Personal Opinion and Suggest Solutions Should have better relations between university and industry, more robust startup companies Requires companies who can shift to knowledge based economy

Should capture early, high value added opportunities when available Should not bound its economy upon the shoulder of existing organizations Need businessmen who can provide liquidity to the labor market Should give up lifetime employment and adopt viable mid-career jobs markets Search the entrepreneurs who can bring new dimension into Japanese business culture and economy Aging problem has become great obstacle needs revision Efforts to check countermeasure regarding hiring of university graduates by big multinationals Concluding Comments

Despite the recent upheavals, Japan remains one of the dominant economic of the dominant economic power at the end of 20th century. Till today the economy of Japan is one of the most modern economies in the world. Japan is basically a small country surrounded with mountains all around. After World War II and till 1960 the Japanese foreign trade faced extreme hurdles. Natural and geographical facilities do not support to the Japanese economy but Japanese have not been debarred with such obstacles and they proved miracles.

Japan is enjoying a biggest economy’s benefits; therefore, its economy has become the global economy. If it has any economical problem the same will be faced by all over the world especially by its importing countries. Its currency is a powerful currency, which works parallel to the United States currency i. e. the United States dollar. People in many part of the world are unable to purchase Japanese products due to its high rate efforts should be made to provide economical rates accessible for a common man around the world like China.

Therefore, its economy will flourish more and more on the competitive grounds and people of the world will enjoy good manufactured products. The obstacles faced in the export sector should be eliminated. The new dimensions of trade and export should be followed. Investment in the out of country should be sought through which poor nations will be able to enjoy latest facilities of life. Efforts should be made to transfer technology to these nations so that they can become self-reliance.

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