History of Sailing

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Sailing is a recreational sport. It involves controlling a boat with the help of sails which are better known as foils which are made up of fiber. It is operated by a sailor. It originated a long time back in the ancient times and since then has been used for various purposes like exploring the world and fishing traveling; however these days it is mostly used for enjoyment. The energy needed for sailing a boat comes from harnessing the energy produced by the relative motion of the wind on the sail and the motion of the boat against the water. On a still day a boat cannot sail but only drift.

The force applied on the sails by the wind is managed by the sailor by altering the rudder, the rigging and sometimes even the center board or the keel. The force of the wind needs to be managed to control the speed and direction of the boat. The skill required for being good at sailing includes having experience and knowledge about different sea and wind conditions. Apart from this the sailor should know everything about sailboats as well and how to work with them.

Sailing is very useful in fishing and many places in Asia and Africa still uses sailboats for this purpose. The use of fishing vessels which are sail powered although still in existence are very rarely used as advanced car engines and outboard are available even in the remotest of areas and the most poorly developed areas . Usually sailing is carried out as a recreational sport. Yachting or sailing for recreation can be differentiated into cruising and racing. Cruising consists of long trips; day sailing as well as short trips are done with land close by within sight.

Sailing has had a great contribution in the development of civilization. By providing human beings with more transportation options, mobility and ability for warfare, trade and fishing, it had truly been instrumental in the process of the civilization of mankind. It has been in existence since the fifth millennium. This can be proven as the most ancient and oldest representation of a sailing ship complete with a sail that has been found painted on a disc. This disc was found in Kuwait and dates back to the 5th millennium BC.

Sailing advanced a lot during the middle ages and after that. This development in the technology of sailing was very useful for the Europeans, Arab, Indian and Chinese explorers as it helped them in making long distance trips and voyages into places having bad climatic and weather conditions. The development included advancement in masts sails and rigging. This technological advancement led to emergence of new improved navigation instruments. It helped the European ships a lot in making many great and famous landmark explorations of the world. Since the 15th century, these ships begin their exploration process starting with the north and spent a good amount of time at the gulf of St. Lawrence and great banks , after this they proceeded towards the western arctic and pacific northeast .

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