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I have now put the results in to graphs for each question, this makes it clearer and easier to analyse. By looking at the results I will be able to see how they will affect my business positively and negatively. I asked 32 people which was 2 boys from each year and 2 girls, also I asked 2 male teachers and two female teachers. This was so that I could get a wide range of people and a wide range of answers.

When asked how often people buy lunch at school the most amount of people said everyday. This is going to have a positive effect for me as I know that people are bringing money into school to buy food and they only have the canteen to choose from at the moment. However this also means that I have competition with the canteen and have to keep my prices lower. The majority of students buy lunch at school at least once a week which means that I have a good chance of selling my products to students and teachers as they bring money to school to buy lunch. The only negative effect is the fact that as people are used to buying from school they may not want to try something new which means that ill have to advertise my shop a lot before hand and maybe give a discount on the first opening so that people definitely try the Sandwich and smoothies out.

As you can see from this graph the main reason for people bringing a packed lunch is because it is more convenient. This is a good result because it means that as my shop is going to be convenient so students may not feel the need to bring food from home. The second highest choice was better value; this means that I have to keep my prices reasonable and better than the canteen food prices which they obviously find too high. 2 people said that they have allergies, obviously their will be more people with allergies than that out of the whole school, so I will make sure that all food is labelled clearly with the ingredients so that students know what they are getting. In order to make my prices lower and better value than the canteen I will have to go in and see how much they are selling their food and drinks for.

This graph shows me that the majority of people expect to pay between 1-2 for a smoothie. This is the price range that I will aim to keep my smoothies in because I think that it’s a fair price as just buying fruit it doesn’t cost me a lot to make them at all. 8 people said that they would pay between 2-3 pounds which is good because I only asked a small amount of people which means there will be other people in school who are willing to pay a higher price.

Therefore I might make a larger smoothie for people who don’t mind paying a slightly higher price, and then have a regular sized one for the 1-2 pound price range. I am also at an advantage because the canteen and other shops in Hayes (which are also only available to Sixth Form at lunch) do not sell smoothies, this means that if students want a smoothie I am their only option so they can’t be too fussy on price although I will be keeping them low.

From looking at my graph I can see that the majority of people asked either said 1.50-2 or 2-2.50. Slightly more people said that they would expect to pay between 2 pound and two fifty, so I will probably charge �2 as it is in between both. This means that I will still be cheaper than Sainsbury’s and around the same price as the canteen, but I will be of a higher quality. There wasn’t a high percentage of people who said they would pay less than �1.50 which is good for my business as I won’t have to have really low prices reducing my profit.

From this graph I can see that the most popular filling is chicken, this means that I will ensure that I order more chicken filled sandwiches and wraps rather than less popular fillings such as ham. Two people suggested another option which was a BLT. For my shop I am going to make sure that I order mostly chicken, cheese, tuna and Cajun and then have less of ham and BLT. This way I won’t have too many left over sandwiches that will go to waste.

This graph shows that when students go to school they usually buy a cooked meal. This is a negative affect for my shop because I am only selling cold food; however as it’s only 12 people out of the whole year I am not going to change any of my products that I sell. The sandwiches and wraps category had 8 people which was still one of the highest so I am confident that the sandwiches and wraps will sell, and also as they are going to be higher quality than the canteen but still at a lower price. Also they will be cheaper than Sainsbury’s but of the same quality so when sixth formers don’t want to walk to the station the shop will be even more convenient.

From looking at this results graph I have decided that I will sell all these flavoured smoothies as it doesn’t cost a lot for me to make them and I can gain a profit from the price students are willing to pay. The most popular flavour smoothie is tropical which means I will have to order a lot of fruit that’s needed in that smoothie. This is the same for other popular flavours like raspberry, apple and banana. This is a positive affect for my business because where it is so cheap for me to make my smoothies and they seem to be something students are interested in, it means that I will have a unique selling point as no other shops nearby sell them.

Secondary Research

Sainsbury’s is my main competitor because they will be providing nearly the same level of quality but at a higher price which is an advantage for me. I am able to provide a good quality at a low price because my smoothies cost so little to make, I can spend a little more on wraps and sandwiches. Also only sixth formers have the ability to go to the station during lunch so not many students will be able to get Sainsbury’s food anyway.

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