Health care Scenario – Asthma

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Unfortunately, in this day-in-age, healthcare is a big money industry and is becoming less about actually helping people improve their health and more about writing invoices and getting paid. People care less now than ever before when it comes to working in the medical field and is reflected in their work.

In the case of the little girl brought into the emergency room during an asthma attack the level of care she received throughout her visits was nothing short of failure, Her condition wasn’t given a second look mainly on the merit the her parents don’t have a healthcare provider, resulting in the little girls condition not being adequately treated. Do you think this girl is receiving adequate care?

No, I do not feel the little girl is receiving adequate care, In order for her to receive adequate care I think when she was admitted into the emergency room, the staff that dealt with her should have given her a prescription for an asthma inhaler to control her symptoms and prevent any future debilitating episodes. But as the child’s parents do not currently have a healthcare provider this option wasn’t thought of or considered which is why a believe she was not receiving adequate care.

Should she be able to see a primary-care physician before her condition gets so acute that she must visit the E. R.? Yes, I think that the girl should have seen a primary-care physician in the first case when the asthma or breathing issues began, this could have prevented such a harsh outbreak resulting in the trip the emergency room. By the girl and her parents seeing a primary care physician first hand, would give the parents the opportunity to explain fully what the girl’s triggers are and how often it happens.

This way the primary-care physician can properly assess the condition and devise a treatment plan. And most importantly by seeing the girl regularly and have a running assessment of her condition it will be easier to see if the treatment prescribed is working or needs to be adjusted. Should everyone be entitled to a basic minimum of healthcare or to the exact same healthcare?

Yes, I believe that everyone should be entitled to a basic minimum of healthcare, this reasoning is based on the basic human rights of all, healthcare is essential for every person that needs it, in some cases it may be life and death and others such as the girl with the asthma, her condition can turn into something more and worsen and possible death if not treated properly and in a timely manner. Just like the girl everyone has the right to not suffer in distress or pain, medical attention can eradicate these inflictions.

So there for if medical treatment is needed to function in a normal manner then yes everyone should be entitled to it (Fremgen, 2012). Do you think healthcare is a right? If so, is everyone forced to honor this right? Yes, basic healthcare is a right, the US Government states this but in many cases do not actually follow through, too much emphasis is placed on whether the patient has healthcare insurance and can pay for the treatment provided to them.

There for no everyone isn’t forced to honor this right, but they should. Like many other countries such as Great Britain, they will not turn a person away on the lack of income they may have. This is because everyone pays into the government health or National Health Service. People have the choice to pay for private treatment elsewhere but they have the right to receive basic healthcare for free. The same rights should be applied in United States. Is this right relative or universal?

The right to receive basic healthcare should in theory be a universal right, but unfortunately not all countries can afford to give the people living their food and shelter let-along basic healthcare so as far as the right to basic healthcare is concerned I would have to say it is a relative right (Fremgen, 2012). In a way I have to say this makes sense, nothing in life comes free, meaning everything costs money healthcare included, So should the poorer countries receive basic healthcare, ethically yes they should and some of the more generous wealthy countries try to help in providing these countries with healthcare.

Overall it is impossible to give away “free” healthcare where there is no income or financial help (N. C. B. I. , 2007). Does this right exist because of the wealth of the United States, or is it applicable everywhere? Yes, I feel the right exists largely to do with wealth; it takes money for medicine alone, even if you don’t add up the man-hours or travel. Medicine, vaccinations, preventative care and treatment all cost money (Kelley, 2013).

No, I don’t feel it’s because of financial state of the United States I just think the world tends to follow or accept whatever America does. Different wealthy countries have different rights and laws that fit in how they want the countries healthcare run. The US could have a national health service like Great Britain and I think someday will thanks to Obama-care. Its important to remember change doesn’t happen overnight it takes time and many mistakes and tweaks along the way. Is healthcare a luxury? No, to define what a luxury is it is a pleasurable indulgence.

Healthcare is neither; unless of course we are talking about cosmetic surgery to look thinner, get bigger breasts or remain ageless. Then yes it is a luxury. Is having a heart attack and needing a life saving operation a luxury no, it is not. Nor is receiving proper “adequate” treatment for harsh asthma attacks that the girl has, she doesn’t want to have asthma, all she wants to do is breath normally. Does having money entitle a person to better healthcare? In regards to receiving better basic healthcare, no. Basic is basic.

Everything in receiving basic healthcare is regulated to get as many people seen and treated as possible. In regards to people with money receiving better healthcare, than people that do not. I think it isn’t as much of an entitlement as it is a privilege. Does that person with money have an entitlement to be bumped up the transplant list because he has more money than the father of six, who works three jobs to make ends meet. No, but money does give people the ability to received private healthcare that is a higher level of care and treatment.

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