Health and Exersice

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Task 1

Health describes a person’s state of being and is therefore somewhat subjective. To most people, being healthy is when they are free of disease or disability. There are many things that can affect our health. The way in which we treat our bodies will affect our health well being. If we use drugs as in unlicensed drugs like cannabis or some legal drugs which are in things that some people use every day tobacco. There is also alcohol, which will affect your bodily organs as in your brain, heart and liver.

‘Our lifestyle has become much more sedentary over the years.’ We now have methods of transport that require little physical exertion i.e. cars and buses have replaced walking and cycling. There is also general things in the home that were never used which make out life’s easier i.e. washing machines where a couple of years ago it would have been all done by hand and using a rack which used a lot of effort.

Exercise is put into main areas, which are connected which are fitness and physical activity. The term ‘exercise’ is perhaps best defined as healthy physical exertion.

> Plato (429-347BC) started the ‘lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.’

> Samuel Johnson (1709-84) said ‘I take the true definition exercise to be labour without weariness.’

Benefits of exercise

> Selfasteam

> Improving your body shape

> Helping with the relief of tension and stress

> Reducing the chances of getting an illness and disease

> Giving you a physical challenge to aim for

> Toning up the body and the muscles, which leads to an improvement in posture

> Increasing your basic levels of strength, stamina and flexibility

If a person is physically fit, their body is able to functions with energy and alertness and without undue fatigue. They should have ample energy to engage in leisure activity and be able to meet the physical stresses of everyday life.

Physical activity is defined as a state of being active. It can increase a person’s basal metabolic rate by round 10%. This elevated basal metabolic rate can last for up to 48hours after the completion of the activity.

With the change of lifestyle in the last couple of years there is less exercise, which in its turn there is more obesity and there is more illnesses. From obesity there is 4 illnesses, which can be deadly, or life threatening they are:

> Heart Disease

> Type 2 Diabetes

> High blood pressure

> Osteoarthritis

All these 4 are very life altering on their own but with obesity they are doubled in the chance of getting them and they are more deadly.

Task 2

Physical activity can affect each person in slightly different ways but in the same sort of regions. Depression is a major aspect of physical appearance and activity. If a person is not happy with the way they look the will get depressed, but with physical activity they can change their appearance and there fore feel better about them self and they wont be depressed.

There are certain things that can cause depression but in these circumstances it is to do with physical activity. In Wales at the moment there is a major problem with obesity, which is because people are eating a lot more fatty food and doing less physical activity and ion some circumstances not doing any at all. All of the is because children have no safe places to play and to burn off their waste so it builds up and produces over weight children which leads to depression.

Most of adults have full time jobs and are very busy so they don’t have time for physical activity and they also have less time to cook so they get take-aways and McDonalds which contain more fat and energy than they use up so it produces its self as body fat which will normally cause depression.

Task 3

Sport council research shows that participation is highest among young people and declines steadily with age. This is common sense, but people are still physically fit for sport into their sixties or seventies. Figures from 1987-1990 show that more men than women take part in physical activities (sport) and that growth in participation is fastest among middle-aged and elderly age groups.

Many elderly people enjoy physical activities. There are many places in which they can do so and there are different opportunities for them to do so.

Ageing affects the body in many different ways; the overall effect, however, result in the decrease of a person’s physical fitness levels. This is obvious when you look at the ages of the majority of competitive world-class athletes – very few are over the age of 30years old.

After the age of 30, muscle mass decreases, joints become less mobile, hormone levels are lowered and immune system becomes less affective. Brain mass also decreases as the when you get to a certain age they die on certain nervous systems. Also the cardiovascular system gets affected and the walls of the archeries are thicker and less elastic. Overall you’re cardiovascular system gets more and more impaired, as you get older.

As a person gets older, their body eventually starts to become weaker and more prone to injuries. Therefore, the older you get, generally the more prone to injuries you are.

Therefore as you get older there is more chance of being injured and your heart has to work harder for the same performance which is why there aren’t that many athletes in any sport over 30 as it is harder for them to perform well compared to the younger athletes which are at their peak compared to the older athletes.

Task 4

Exercise can lead to injuries. These are called overuse injuries the major ones are:

* Shin splints

* Chondromalacia patellae

* Bursitis

* Rotator cuff injury

These injuries come along in many ways but overuse and not cooling down are the two mean reasons for these to happen. They are examples of some of the injuries you can get from overuse.

Each one of the injuries can be caused or lead to exercise addiction. Repeatedly exercising beyond the requirements for good health is an indicator of exercise addiction. It can also be know as compulsive exercise, obligatory exercise and athletica anorexia. When a person is at one of these stages they do not feel like exercise but the feel it is they’re duty to do the exercise so the do their best and some time they can have an injury not always bad but there is a chance of it happening. Exercise will take over their life’s they would exercise what ever if their ill they would injuries anything nothing will stop them from it. They feel as so they are in control of their life when they do it. The addiction can take over a person’s life. Athletica anorexia is the same as normal anorexia but instead of it being determined about that they are fat the person thinks they are unfit and just doesn’t realise that they are most of the time.

Task 5

There are different practices that are use and they can take over your life and alter your lifestyle on the way. Society will affect a person in different ways that will change their lifestyle and health.

Some people doing say football may take their practice too seriously all because they want to be like their favourite footballer i.e. David Beckham. With all of their time taken up by practicing their health can go down because they aren’t getting enough sleep food and other thing that are needed to keep your body health and to a good standard.

When a person allows the practicing to take over their life it totally changes their lifestyle which is why some times o person can be fine and then they can just become ill because they aren’t resting enough and are to active continuously through out the day.

This is not helped by the fact that there are so many famous people thin and that they are fit. Some time a role model can be good for a person it gives them something to espier to by some times a person can take it to far so they over do things and let it dominate their life’s and lifestyle. Some of the people want to feel excepted in society which is also one of the reasons this sort of thing can come about.

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