Hawk Roosting

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The opening line of the poem states the hawk’s superiority by saying “I sit in the top of the wood, my eyes closed. ” This shows he is higher up than all the other animals and therefore more superior and more important. Also by saying “my eyes closed” he suggests that nothing can bother him and that he is untouchable because he is so superior and no other animal would dare to cross him because he thinks he is so powerful. When he says “no falsifying dream” it shows that he thinks he is perfect so he doesn’t dream about being able to do things because he can already do them really well.

This also shows he is superior and powerful. Again he is shown as powerful when it says “… hooked head and feet…. perfect kills and eat” it shows this because he tells us about his hooked head and feet which he considers his best weapons. Also the fact that he says kills first, then eats shows his prowess in the fact that he prefers to eat than to kill and he is so powerful that he can kill anytime he wants just for fun and not just killing so he can eat.

The superiority carries in the hawk talking about how the environment he lives in is especially made for him because the high trees help him see his prey, they air’s buoyancy allows him to linger in the air before he dives down to attack and the sun’s rays help him to see the prey clearly and at the same time blind the prey so it is easier to kill. This helps to prove that he thinks he is perfect and important. His importance is also shown when he says “earth’s face upwards for my inspection” it shows that he thinks that he rules the earth and he is so important that he has to inspect it to make sure it was good enough for him.

His thoughts of being perfect and important are also shown when he says “it took the whole of creation to create my foot, my each feather” it shows that he thinks that evolution happened to create him and now it will stop as it has made the perfect creature. He then goes on to say “now I hold creation in my foot” which is a metaphor that he was created and now he can take over the world and control it. It is like he is a form of God, great and powerful and nothing can stop or harm him anymore. His languages changes towards the end of the poem using simple and blunt language.

This is used because he has made his point by stating how important he is previously in the poem and now he doesn’t need to justify himself to us anymore. He talks about doing what he wants to do on earth and how he can do it whenever he wants to, which also relates to him seeing himself as a form of God and now he rules the earth. This power is also shown when he says “I kill where I please… my manners are tearing off heads. ” He enjoys the power he has in that he can kill whenever and whatever he likes. He relishes every moment of the killing because it shows his importance and gives him the power he wants.

This is shown when he said “through the bones of the living” because he relishes the thought of it. The power and superiority is also shown when he says “no arguments assert my right” which is basically being rude and arrogant by saying, this is the way I do things, so get used to it. He finally sums up by saying that nothing has changed from how he has known it and it doesn’t need to change because he is the perfect creature and he rules the earth now and he has decided that it is going to stay the same because he wants it to.

This is shown to us when he says “my eye has permitted no change, I am going to keep things like this. It shows that he thinks everything was created for him and now he is there, he rules everything. To conclude I think his views are parallel with humans because we think we rule the world and are disrespectful to the earth and other animals. We are also ungrateful for being created and having privileges like the hawk and we also think we are superior to everything else and enjoy the power. It is because of this that I think the hawk is a metaphor for humans. Also like humans he thinks he will live forever, he is immortal. The feeling of the power he has makes him exploit other animals. This too is like humans.

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