Harvick and Busch penalized by NASCAR

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Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick were summoned to the NASCAR hauler just before the Truck Series practice on Thursday at Dover International Speedway.

This is the drivers’ second meet-up with the governing body following Saturday’s pit road confrontation after the race at Darlington.

This meeting happened two days after each of them was penalized $25,000 and put on probation for four races.

Neither of them disclosed what the second meeting was about. Sources reveal that Mike Helton, president of NASCAR, and Robin Pemberton, vice president of competition, were present at the meeting.

Busch simply commented that NASCAR had to regulate the series in the best way they knew how. “I’m all for it.”

Meanwhile, Harvick just smiled and continued to say he would just answer questions on the media availability on Friday.

NASCAR director of communications for competition Kristi King commented that it was normal procedure for officials to call for a follow-up meeting following the issuance of a penalty.

The first meting had been right after the confrontation on Saturday night. Busch and Harvick had gotten into each other towards the later part of the race, and the result was Harvick and Clint Bowyer, his teammate, wrecking.

But it was a later part of the race that resulted in the penalty: Busch apparently shoved Harvick’s car into the retaining wall following Harvick’s getting out of the car to attack Busch.

NASCAR asserted that the incident put track officials as well as crew members in danger, so they had to react.

Starting this weekend, NASCAR intends to set in place procedure for post-race behavior in order to avoid another occurrence similar to last Saturday’s. Officials are now required to stay at the pit stall in all the series after the race until every truck or car has pulled behind the wall. Previously, officials started heading to the garage as soon as the lead car had taken the checkered flag that signaled the final lap.

People have suggested that perhaps the incidence could have been prevented if officials were nearby at the moment when Busch and Harvick parked their cars.

But King said it was all in an effort to ensure safety that they have been instructed to stay out of the way in future races.

Although many were asking for explanations about the phrase “boys, have at it,” including two-time defending champ Tony Stewart, King said they had no intentions of explaining it further.

Stewart commented that they needed to know more clearly what was acceptable or not.

Harvick publicized his agreement to Stewart’s comments on Twitter.

Meanwhile, King said that in NASCAR’s point of view, the rules were already clear.

She added that the penalties and fines have already been put in place, and that the drivers knew what was right or wrong. “They know what the limitations are,” she said.

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