Harrison’s life possibly saved by Eagles physical

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After Jerome Harrison was traded to the Eagles, a routine physical found him diagnosed with a brain tumor—a diagnosis that may very well have saved his life.

It seemed to be just the right timing that Harrison had been traded with Ronnie Brown right before the deadline for trading expired, or else he would not have undergone the physical, and the tumor in his brain would have remained undetected.

The Lions’ injury report released last week had not included Harrison in the list, which resulted in the Wednesday announcement of his failing his physical therefore coming as a surprise. The announcement revealed that health issues were the reason for his failure.

Sources have reported that Harrison would likely not be able to play anymore this season, and revealed that he was expected to see more healthcare experts on Thursday. They also confirm that the cancer is, fortunately, treatable, giving more appreciation for the timing of the diagnosis.

The Eagles are currently on their bye week, with nobody on the team immediately being available for comment.

With this newly-announced failure in the routine physical exam, the trade between the Lions and the Eagles was voided. As a result, Harrison winds up back in the hands of Detroit and Brown will be back with the Eagles.

The Eagles originally intended to acquire Harrison (5-9, 205) from the Cleveland Browns back in 2010, when they traded out Mike Bell, their running back. But Harrison signed in as a free agent with the Lions during the offseason.

Harrison ran for 239 yards on 40 attempts, with an average of 6.0, and made one touchdown in eight games with the Eagles. He also had an addition of eight receptions over 43 yards.

Back in 2009, the 28-year-old led Cleveland with five touchdowns and 194 carries over 862 yard. He also tied for the team lead with his two touchdowns and 34 receptions over 220 yards.

For the last three games this season, he hit a league-high record of 561 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns; this included the 286-yard effort in the December 20, 2009 game at Kansas City, which ranked as the third-highest rushing total for a single game in the entire history of NFL, only behind Adrian Peterson’s 296 yards in the November 4, 2007 game against San Diego, and Jamal Lewis’s 295 yards in the September 14, 2003 game against Cleveland. He also holds the team record of Cleveland, at 39 carries in the December 27, 2009 game versus Oakland.

Harrison had originally been a fifth-round draft choice of the Browns back in 2006. In college, he had transferred from Pasadena City Junior College to play for Washington State, where he made a total of 2,800 yards and 25 touchdowns over 22 games.

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