Good customer service

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Will benefit customers in many different ways because good customer service keeps customers happy and they do not have to complain about anything. Example 1 : If a customer at Disney land goes to a resturant, he/she will expect the food that they have orderd to be fresh, clean and cooked. Also they would want the food to be brought to them as quick as possible. If all of these customer services are fullfilled then the customer will benefit in many diffrent ways.

If the food is fresh, clean, and cooked properly then the customer will benfit health wise because the food which will be brought to them will be hygenic and it will not cause no other harm e. g. food poisoning. If the food is brought to the customer quickly then the customer will save time and will have time to do something more important. Example 2: If a customer at Disney Land wants to go on a ride he/she will want to get on as quickly as possible so they have time to enjoy other rides and to explore more. To provide good customer service the people that control the rides should make sure the ride is safe and there are no delays.

If the employees check the ride is safe and they make no delays then the customer will benefit in two different ways, they would be safer if all the safety checks are done and they will save time if there are no delays so they can do other activities, Example 3: If a customer at Disney land stays at the Disney hotel then he/she will expect everything in the room to work also they would expect the room to be clean and tidy. If the employees make sure all electrical goods work and make sure the room is clean and tidy then the customer will benefit in many different ways.

If all electrical goods work in the room e. g. TV then this will keep the customers entertained. If the room is clean and tidy then the customers that stay there will not need to clean the room which saves them time and saves the hard work. Good customer service can also benefit employees, if employees provide customers with a good service then they may get praised or they may even get a promotion. Example 1: If an employee that is working at the Disney hotel cleaning rooms does his job properly and makes sure that everything in the room is clean and tidy may get rewarded in lots of different ways.

The customer that is living in the room may really be pleased and he/she can forward this good customer service to the manager. The employee can benefit in two different ways, firstly the customer may praise or give a reward of a tip to the employee or the manager may be really pleased with the employee work and give him a promotion or a pay rise. Example 2: If a weightier that is working at a restaurant in Disney land works really hard to serve customers and he does what they ask without moaning or answering back, then the weightier can benefit a lot.

For example a manager could come along from another bigger and better Restaurant that may really be impressed by the weightier’s service and he could offer him a better job with a higher salary or a better position. Basically the weightier can choose what he wants to do, either he stays or goes to another restaurant which has a lot to offer him. This is just one example of a good opportunity. If the Manager sees the employ work hard like this then even the manager may be happy and give him a pay rise or a better position in the same restaurant.

Example 3: A character at Disney land can do his job really well by signing autographs and taking pictures. If the employee that is pretending to be a character does his job properly then he can gain respect for the character and promote the character. If he is able to do this then the kids would love him and he will get more attention. If the employee enjoys his job then Disney land may give him more work and he can go far with the character e. g. going to other events pretending to be the character. He may even get paid more. If a business provides good customer service then the business can benefit in many different ways.

A business which provides good customer service will always have a good name and a high reputation therefore the business will be recognised and it will be popular. Example 1: Good customer service can benefit a business in many different ways. For example politeness to a customer can always give the business a good reputation. If all the staff is polite, friendly and helpful then people would recommend and prefer coming to that particular business because the staff can create a really good and friendly atmosphere where customers feel welcome. This will benefit the business as more and more customers would come along.

The more customers the business has the more profit it will make Example 2: If a cafi?? has a box where the customer can post there complaints or suggest new ideas then this will benefit the business. The customers will have their say also it will benefit the business because they will know what the customers want and they can make improvements to their business which will attract more customers. This can only make the business grow and bring in new ideas. Example 3: Most people come to Disney land by plane. For example if a group of passengers went on British airways they would expect the customer service to be good.

Most people would expect the air hostesses to be polite, friendly, helpful, and to provide good customer service. If the air hostesses provide passengers with this type of service then the airline will benefit. The passengers that went on the plane which provided good customer service would most likely choose the same plane when they go on their next holiday. Passengers that flew on British airways would recommend the airline to other people. This is beneficial for the business as it brings in more and more passengers making British airways grow with profit.

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