Goal of a business

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Aim is long-term vision or goal of a business. The business aim can be for one year to ten years or more. The main aim of a business is what they are doing and why they are in business. They usually relate back to the ownership of the business for example a large PLC aim is to make profit for their shareholder while a small sole traders aim could be survive the first year. Objectives Objectives are specific measurable targets which help achieve the aims of the business. They usually are short term for example a shop wants to increase bread sales by 5% with in three months. Objectives help business to be clear on what they are doing.

It also sates how and when they plan to it. Argos LTD Argos’ aim is to sell products such as furniture, electrical good’s, toys, and leisure goods. In addition they also have gone into credit cards, home insurance, pet insurance and car insurance. They also want to increase market share and open new stores. They also want to employ new staff and run Argos more efficiently. They want to make products cheaper so customers will buy more. They have catalogue where you can view all there products. They also provide very good customer service which includes a 16 days money back guarantee.

They will open another 100 stores in the UK this year. This will increase their market share and they will also employ new staff. They will also make sure that less products get broken and that there are less refunds. Tesco plc Tosco’s aim is to maximize profit for the share holders. They also want to increase market share and create new jobs. Introduce new scheme to their customers such as Fair Trade. Recycle more products such as bags and cardboards. Giving more money to charity such as Cancer Research. Tesco can maximize profit by reducing their products price. This will mean that they will sell more products.

They will also sell more products through the internet which includes a free delivery system. More promotion deals such as buy one get one free this will encourage customers to purchase more products. Tesco will create new jobs by opening new stores across the UK. They will also launch their own Fair Trade products these includes products such as coffee and chocolate. This is where must of the profit goes to the manufactures. Tesco will offer recycling machines for their customers who can recycle bags and cardboard. Tesco donated around i?? 21 million pounds to charity in 2005 and will increase that by 5 million pounds in 2006. Oxfam

Oxfam’s aim is to save life by responding to emergencies they want increase the number of people they save and support. Develop programme that empower people to work their way out of poverty. They want to increase the number of HIV injection they provide to Africa. They also want to do more campaigning and raise awareness of suffering of people. They want to increase the number of products they sell and open new stores. They want to increase donation by 2% by end of 2006 They will increase the number of people they support by cutting cost an example is employing more voluntary workers this will free up money that can be used to save life’s.

Devolving programs they will build another 10000 wells and water pumps in Africa. They can increase the number of HIV injection they provide to Africa by raising more funds they do this by having a world HIV day. They will campaign on behalf of Africa for debt relief to governments and to the World Bank. Other campaign that are underway are climate change the will campaign to governments to sigh up to they Kyoto agreement. They will raise awareness of suffering of people by commissioning videos and TV adverts.

They will increase the number of products they sell by going into other ways of selling the products for example they will put products on EBay and other action site. They will also make it possible for the public to purchase products through the internet. They will also open another 50 stores across the UK. They can increase donation by sighing more people up to a weekly direct debit payment. Milan Restaurant Milan Restaurants aim is to satisfy their customers need by providing them with quality and fresh food. They want their customers to enjoy being their by providing them with a good service.

They want to increase the number of customers and maximise profit. Open a new store and employ new people. The will get fresh and quality products from the local farms where the products are more fresh than the supermarkets. They can provide the customers with a good service by having their employees on internal training this will improve the respond time to an order. They can increase the number of customers they get by advertising on the local newspaper and handing out leaflets. They will open a new store in Chatterton by the end of 2006 where they can employ more staff.

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