Genuine is to Interest

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Being genuine in our self is being a true lover of our personality, it reveals of what and who we really are through our own choices. In our everyday life, there are struggles and difficulties of how we are suppose to be true and interested in our self, in our neighbours, friends, classmates, and even in our own family. There are times that we are not considering the feelings of others especially to those people who became part of our life.

I have lots of experiences which are connected into my topic: “Be genuinely interested in people”. These reminds me of my past memories and experiences, especially during my Minor Seminary Life. Why is there a need for us of living in a genuine life, and how can I relate my topic into my past experiences, which is a great challenge of improving my character and self identity most especially my errors and wrong doings that I’ve done in my past.

Living in a genuine life, it reveals our own character and self personality, of who and what we really are. Through our own behaviour and attitude we are the ones who are making our own choices and self destiny. Are we true to ourselves? Am I a genuine friend into my friends? Do I live in my own personality the word genuine, or am I just using this word because of the desire of being praised by others. Living as genuine person into our neighbour is very important; it reminds us that Christ lives among us.

A genuine life teaches us that we should not let to live in our hearts that attitude of discriminating and judging our neighbours due to their physical appearances and state in life, because if we do these things we’ve already done it into our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the greatest example of a perfect genuine Loving God and Man. That is why for me He is an Incomparable Man. He is Incomparable because His love and care to us never stops, until His death on the cross. For me, Honesty and Understanding is the most important ingredient of a Genuine Life.

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