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Gattaca is a science-fiction film released in 1997, lead starring Ethan Hawke, Jude Law and Uma Thurman. The film details a man’s (Ethan Hawke/Vincent Freeman) physical breakthrough of the barrier of attaining his dreams of becoming an astronaut, but not being able to due to a heart defect imprinted in to his DNA. The film begins showing the birth of a baby and the process that goes with such an ordeal in ‘the not-too-distant future’. This baby was Vincent, who was genetically predicted to die at age 30.

This type of science is available in the future, but any viewer could ask themselves, ‘well, why doesn’t he get this heart fixed? ’ Vincent wanted to become an astronaut. The only dilemma with this was, well, he couldn’t be one. With the projected age of death being 30, Vincent was systematically excluded from any chance of consideration for the space program due to being ‘invalid’ with the disease. Vincent didn’t want to accept this so he proceeded to attain a ‘new’ identity. I love this plan of Vincent’s. He was no different, no weaker than everyone else, he just thought he was.

Anton, his brother was never stronger than Vincent; as quoted, “I never saved any for the swim back”, but Vincent always thought he was weaker and used the false conclusion as a benchmark. ‘Eugene’ (Jude Law) was this new identity for Ethan Hawke. Eugene broke his back and lost his ability to use his legs, and was up for ‘sale’ and Vincent ‘bought’ him – the ability to use his identity. An unusual circumstance, but a fantastically magnificent one. I love this ‘cheating the system’ method of approach, partly because I hate the ‘system’, but beside the point, this is quite a quirky movie story.

Ending all-well, Vincent gets to go up to space. Prior to the space-launch, Vincent is asked for an unexpected urine sample rather than a blood sample but is passed anyway. The security guard liked Vincent and loved the idea of cheating the system too. He loved that Vincent had a zero perfect chance of launching in to space as an astronaut, of being on the other side of that glass, but he did it anyway. I like this too. I love it actually. It shows that the system isn’t perfect and being able to manipulate this and hide under a false guise over years of time is quite a significant thing.

Yet, Vincent did it. You can say ‘it’s just a movie’, but I really get in to movies and I personally quite enjoyed this one. My opinion on the film is that it was very well directed. It was. The lighting and light effects are the most significant thing to my memory. Looking back to the film, I personally recall a constant dim appearance and frequent use of a yellow tint. This adds huge effect to the feel of the movie. It’s definitely not a comedy, it’s a drama sci-fi. And you feel it. The colour scheme of the city. The colour scheme of the working environment. The colour scheme of the beach.

These all are huge factors to why viewers including myself get an eerie, bland yet interesting vibe when watching Gattaca. The music is huge too. Not forgetting it, during the swimming scenes, it is subconscious but the music overlaying adds tension and excitement in Vincent’s struggle. Overall, it was a very engaging film that couldn’t do too much more to make me content. I liked the suicide of Eugene. I liked the illegitimate passing of Vincent. I liked the shuttle-launch. I liked the sad, yet happy ending. I liked the final narration of Vincent’s. I liked the film. And… Ethan Hawke is very good-looking. That’s a bonus.

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