Gates vs Jobs

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Bill Gates knows that he can’t manage his business by himself that’s why he brought in one of his friends from Harvard, Steve Ballmer and asked help for professional management. He is fond of hiring great people that will help in his company’s success. He knows that his role was to be the company’s visionary and that he should hire these great people to run Microsoft. Based from the article, it is obvious that Gates showed transformational and charismatic leader approach. Other than this, I’ve read articles about Bill Gates and many people said that his leadership style is friendlier and more accommodating to work.

Unlike Bill Gates who’s a consolidator, Steve Jobs is a trailblazer. As an autocratic leader, he commands and expects compliance. Based on the article, Jobs showed overconfidence about his works that he did not see Gates as a threat to his company. According to some articles that I’ve read his relationship to his employees was greatly criticized. Many people said his management style is very demanding, intense, and aggressive. He showed his autocratic leadership style because he doesn’t settle for anything less than perfection. Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are good leaders but I think Gates is better than Jobs.

I experienced having transformational, charismatic, and autocratic leader in a group and based from my experience, I think having a transformational and charismatic kind of leader is more effective than autocratic. As a charismatic leader, Bill Gates showed his ability to communicate and behave in ways that reach followers on a basic, emotional way to inspire and motivate his employees. His being transformational leadership characteristic is evident when he hired people and made them one of those professional managers in his company.

I think having a charismatic leader will be a great help in achieving the group or company’s goal because the leader is the one who influenced his co-members or subordinates and a leader who is approachable, friendly, positive, determined, and who creates comfortable working environment will make the employees or the members of the group think positive and be motivated in their work. Though, I also think Steve Jobs did a great job in his managing style Because some people become more motivated if their leader is perfectionist and strict so that their minds will be set that their works must be perfect and to avoid punishments.

Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs lack in management skills. But Gates, as a wise man, hired people to become his company’s professional managers and advisors. He built a well-structured management team to make Microsoft successful. While Steve Jobs’ lack of management skills made a threat to Apple’s success. He is very confident of himself and his works. He refused Microsoft’s offer because he and Wozniak could create their own version of the offer. Steve Jobs is obviously not open for people’s advice and ideas. When it comes to managing their employees, Gates and Jobs are totally opposite.

Steve Jobs’ relationship to his employees was greatly criticized. He ran roughshod over his people. He is a total perfectionist and gets angry when his employees didn’t perfectly accomplish their huge tasks. Bill Gates, on the other hand, is very friendly and caring towards his subordinates. His employees are probably comfortable working with him. According to one article that I’ve read, Gates is a very caring person to his employees, he is afraid to over work them, and gives them lots of vacation time which is a total opposite to Jobs who always yells at his employees.

If Steve Jobs is still alive and if he continues being an overly strict management style, I think Microsoft will become more successful. Most people love to work on a comfortable working environment than intense. In my own opinion, having an overly strict manager will highly experience failure because the employees will more likely leave the company because of too much stress. And if Jobs continue his way of managing his subordinates, people will retire and will lead to his company’s downfall.

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