Functional Areas of the new organisation

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This is my Suggested organisation Chart for the new property. I have recommended these new staff because there are 18 rooms in the new lodge and because ultimately there will be more customers, so therefore they will need more staff to cope with the customers needs. Functional Areas of the new organisation I believe to manage and run second premises and to make it success I think Richard and Patricia should hire a general manager to take care of the day to day running of the business. The House keeper will report to the general manager and the accountant will work along side the manager.

The gardener will also report directly to the manager. Management: I think Richard and Patricia should employ a general manager to take care of running the Victorian lodge. The general manager would also be in charge of taking bookings. Maintenance: I have suggested that Richard and Patricia employ a handy man and a gardener, to take care of general maintenance and keeping the gardens around the property clean and tidy. Housekeeping: I have suggested employing 1 Housekeeper to over look the housekeeping and two chambermaids to clean laundry and rooms.

Catering: One chef should be employed as well as two kitchen assistants. To take care of the food preparation. Accounting: I’ve suggested contracting an accountant to look after the financial issues of both properties. Information flow For any company, information flow is vital! If information does not flow properly then people within the internal structure will not receive the information and will not be able to act on it. This is an example of an information flow diagram. This information flow diagram shows different parts of a company all communicating to produce and sell a product.

Purchasing must first request the raw materials from the warehouse, these materials will then be taken to the factory for production. Sales will then ask for a product, the product will be despatched to sales. Sales then tell accounting they have received the product, accounting send a delivery note to despatch. Sales will sell the finished product. Accounting will invoice the end user and the end user will send the monies to be paid to accounting. Organisational Structure of combined Organisations This is a combined organisational structure of the organisations.

Key Contracted Worker Actual examples of organisational structures This is part of an organisational chart of a well known German bank called DEUTSCHE BANK it used to be known as BANKERS TRUST. This organisation has many levels of authority so it represents a hierarchical structure. This organisation has a very flat structure with few levels of authority. This means more work for the heads and brokers, than if there was some middle management put into the internal structure. These processing methods are used to process different types of data or perform tasks.

The computers will need the correct software to run the different types of processing methods. Batch Batch processing is the processing of large amounts of data which are usually the same. An example of a batch processing system is a payroll system or a stock control system. For a processing system to work certain data types are needed depending on the type of processing system. Examples of batch processing systems are monthly payroll details or raw materials orders. The types of data you would need to start a payroll system; would be pay date, personal bank details, days of worked.

This system can then produce payslips for all employees. Online Online processing can be broken down into two. Real Time: A real time system is system that updates itself in real time automatically. For example Microsoft Excel automatically updates itself when the user inputs data. It could be a formulae or just a number. An example of a real time system in a hotel would be some kind of hotel booking system, so when I customer rings up to book a room; the system automatically updates itself to show that a room has been booked.

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