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Writing original texts is not an easy task. Students have to knuckle down to prepare an excellent paper, hit the books to find credible sources, keep late hours to meet the deadline. This process is challenging from its very beginning. What is more, writers have to consider the fact that plagiarism is not tolerated in any university. There are even situations when people have been boning up on their essays and wrote articles without even looking at the Internet sources; but after the plagiarism check, the result shows a low level of originality. “How could this ever happen?” – You may think. Let us tell you the answer. There is so much data available online that lots of word combinations repeat. It means that although you have written everything by yourself, there is still a high likelihood that your text will not be considered 100% original by online essay checkers. So, in order to anticipate this problem, use our online scanner every time you have finished writing an essay.


Our efficient online plagiarism checker is a useful tool for examining the originality and quality of any texts. Thanks to the elaborate algorithms, the service identifies which parts of the article is taken from the Internet sources. These “borrowed” sentences will be colored by the program and you will see the link which leads to the source of cheating. The checker evaluates the number of plagiarized word combinations and compares it with the amount of the original ones. In summary, it offers the approximate authenticity percentage which shows how different your essay is if compared to the millions of other articles available on the Internet.


Our anti-plagiarism service is effortless to use. You need to upload the file and click “do a plagiarism check for me.” The program immediately starts analyzing the text, comparing it with other Internet articles. Although the detectors have to examine the incredible amount of data, you will never notice this because the analysis ends instantaneously. One blink – and the result is yours. Now you can either keep calm because the text gets a high authenticity rate or begin rewriting those parts which are considered plagiarized. With our service, you immediately see which sentences should be rewritten because they are marked with another color. This function saves up your time, and you may improve the quality of your writing in one fell swoop.


Our service for cheating detection is useful for all people who face the problem of creating original pieces of writing either at work or for a hobby. We are glad that people of various professions use our scanner to improve the quality of their writing.

H3: Students

It is no wonder that students use our service most of all. It is a common practice that before handing in essays, it is of the utmost importance to use plagiarism finder. The teachers always write in the essay rubrics that plagiarism is not tolerated. Therefore, it is better to be discreet to avoid getting low marks.


As most of the papers are now not written by hand but are sent in electronic versions, teachers have lots of opportunities to evaluate the authenticity rate of any composition. By using our plagiarism detector,teachers will never put unfair grades. If the student has written a suspiciously ideal essay, the teacher can always check it for originality, and find out the actual author of the work.


With the incredibly rapid appearance of bloggers within social networks, it has become more significant to write unique content, so that you won’t be judged for plagiarism by the Internet community. Followers appreciate when the articles written by bloggers are interesting and authentic. So, before updating a new post, just check it with our services.


If your profession is a writer or you sometimes have to write anything, our service will also come in hand. With our service, you will always deliver top-notch papers.


You get lots of benefits after using our anti-plagiarism program. You will not only improve your essay but will gain a better insight into how to avoid plagiarism in the future writing.

  • Your grades will skyrocket. The academic originality of the text is something that is valued most of all. Your teachers will praise you for not cheating and put positive marks (if your essay is also good regarding content, structure, and other features).
  • You can save time. Our service helps you spot the copied sentences at once. All you have to do is paraphrase this part or just delete it.
  • You understand the reasons for plagiarism more thoroughly. Knowing this, you will subconsciously reduce attempts to copy somebody’s work.

We aim at easing up the burden which is put on students by helping them to avoid cheating. With our service, users can easily spot the weak sides of their essay and rewrite them before handing in. Enjoy your writing with!

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