Forms of internal communication

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This shows that as the role of the manger decreases the role of the worker increases and vice versa. As shown on the diagram Rolls Royce Plc is further to the right. It is known as the manger sells technique where the people at the top make the decision but invite questions form the workers. It is also hard to pinpoint an exact culture to Rolls Royce Plc; I think after researching the company it is a cross between all four different types of culture Power, Person, Task and Role.

It is a Power culture because of its mangers at the top of the business. This type of culture is normally linked with an autocratic or authoritarian style of management. As the onlookers not the workers make all the decisions. However it is not solely a power culture as it has many leaders at the top therefore becoming more of a role culture where the emphasis is on the position of the individuals in the hierarchy.

Also found within this culture, which describes Rolls Royce is that it has many departments run by leaders that all work under one name for the same goal. This is true because of the many different branches found in under the Rolls Royce name such as aerospace, marine and energy. This leads onto looking at a task culture where a team environment is used to create products. A person culture can be found inside the factory based part of the company as people who are skilled in certain areas make their own decisions however it does not change much to the overall culture

Overall I think that Rolls Royce is mainly a role culture as most manufacturing companies are seen to and proven to be, this type of culture. Within this company in the production department in the factories each worker does his own job, which overall are headed by a senior management team who overlook the final product been produced. This links to the hierarchy found within Rolls Royce, a tall structure

Communication is the sending and receiving information. For communication to work it must have feedback Sender Message Channel Medium Receiver Feedback Communication is essential in any business whether it is internal or external to the business. A large company like Rolls Royce relies on communication to get things done. Internal communication can include memos, e-mail, telephone and face-to-face interaction.

Advantages of a memo are it is informative, instructive and is easy to understand by any employee. Memos are normally sent to departments to let more than one person know. However it can disadvantages such as not been read, it is hard to know whether everyone who read it understood it. Memos are used to pass on forthcoming events. E-mail is a far more personal form of communication. E-mails are quick to use and can carry complex data such as images or files. But as e-mail is restricted to people who can access computers it is not always good to send important information unless you know it is going to be received.

Telephone is a far more traditional form of communication, which is used everyday not just in the workplace. Phoning someone is also far more efficient and instant way to contact a person. You are also guaranteed a reply when talking to the receiver. But if no one answers the phone it is going to stop you passing on the message. Easiest and more often than not is to speak to the receiver face to face. At least you know the information is going to be passed on. Again it is also instant when waiting for a reply. A face-to-face conversation can be both private, in a room and public, in a meeting. Talking to a person face to face can be based, as it may be scary or time consuming if the conversation digresses. It can also be hard to tell a person bad news face to face as emotions can play an apart in conversation.

All the above forms of communication can be found within Rolls Royce as forms of internal communication. However such forms as e-mail or by Telephone can also be used externally in a business. For example if a company works globally then they are going to encounter language barriers if using a phone is the only way to contact the client. This is why e-mail is used more often nowadays to share information over long distances. As aforementioned e-mails can have attachments which makes sending images or documents far quicker and easier than by post. Another form of external communication is the Internet using the company web page.

WebPages can be accessed by anyone in the world with an Internet connection at any time. It is an essential part of a Plc company such as Rolls Royce as it is the easiest way to publish figure to show the investors they are informative and easy to run. However if a person does not have a connection or a computer, it is very hard to view the web page. Also if the main computer system breaks down it is hard to save the web page from crashing causing loss of business.

When choosing a medium of communication it is important you chose the write one otherwise a barrier in communication can appear. The type of communication is dependent on the skills of the sender of receiver e.g. whether they can read e-mails. I have also mentioned that when using technology such as a computer it does not breakdown or cause a power failure. If a company does have poor communication skills both internally and externally it can lead to low morale, an increased level of errors, hostile relations and lack of control in the business.

Within the factories of Rolls Royce they use a mainly capital intensive form of production this allows products such as engines to be made fast and all of the same quality. However when looking at the motor industry side of Rolls Royce it is clear that it is far more labour intensive which means the cars are made by hand causing it to be a far slower process and more expensive as you employ skilled workers. This is why the cars produced Rolls Royce is made when ordered by a customer. There is no guarantee that every car is going to be the same. This is a unique selling point for cars such as Rolls Royce at the upper end of the price market. When producing a product such as a jet engine Rolls Royce employs a batch production method. This involves a stage-by-stage method, which sees each operation performed on a number of products at the same time.

Advantages of batch production are it provides more interesting jobs than in flow production, which will increase staff morale, and there is better utilisation of capital than in job production. Although slower than a flow production method, which is mainly automated, it is far quicker than a job production method, which suits hand made products.

When producing a product it is certain you test the quality of the product. Quality however is subjective it is also qualitative as it is very difficult to measure. Quality can either tangible or intangible. Quality of a piece of furniture can be decided upon looking at it, Quality is intangible because people can associate brands or reputation with the product. The quality of Rolls Royce cars can be intangible because of its world-renowned reputation.

To ensure a high quality product is produced you need to know what purpose the customer would want the product for. Quality can be tested by whether it conforms to the original specification. Rolls Royce employs three methods of quality testing. Quality Control involves checking of the project at the end of production. The product is made, inspected then passed or rejected. But there is a drawback to this form of checking. If errors are found it is impossible to correct and results in waste been produced which is costly. It is also hard to establish who owns the quality and whose responsibility it is. The only reason this method is used in a company is to increase the cost of the product when sold; there is no real attention to the actual quality of the product.

This form of quality control was originally introduced after the war because of global market competition and therefore there was a need for an increase in quality. The most standard system also used by Rolls Royce is Quality Assurance. This looks at the quality of product before it is produced. You ‘Say what you do – do what I say – prove it’. The end goal of this quality testing system is to produce a quality product. The whole production method is broken down into a processes performed by groups of people. This system requires you to conform to the system of which the end goal is quality. Benefits of Quality Assurance should be to reduce poor quality and therefore reduce costs.

Also producing quality products would boost a company’s reputation. Also it can have an effect on staff morale if a company is doing well and producing quality products. However because there is more time taken on producing the product the cost of originally implementing the product although short term could be big. As quality needs to be assured it means regular inspections need to be undertaken to ensure quality is achieved. However these inspections do not come for free so paying for these inspections is another short-term cost. Overall this is a better form of quality testing than quality control as changes can be made to product as it goes through production to increase quality.

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