Forms and Structures in Miss Julie

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Miss Julie was really well written by August Strindberg, there were so many forms and structure in this play for example Monologue, Duologue, Use of Chorus etc. and the play well made as the development, denouement and the exposition. The effect on the play is that it’s an naturalistic tragegy play and to put these types of form and sturture brings the play out to life. Monologue is an actor speaking but other actors are there on stage.

An example of this is when Miss Julie was talking to Jean after he killed Miss Julie’s bird Finchie both of the actors are on stage but Miss Julie is the one that is speaking ‘You think I love you, just because my womb cried for your sperm. ‘ This line explains that Miss Julie regrets that she had sex with Jean in the first place when Miss Julie was packing her things to run away with Jean. I think Strindberg did this so the audience can focus on Miss Julie’s thoughts and feelings for Jean because if it was a duologue it doesn’t show Miss Julie’s thoughts and feelings for Jean so the audience won’t know how Miss Julie is.

Another form or structure the Strindberg used was Duologue. Duologue is two actors having a conversation, in Miss Julie there is many duologues in the play for example when Jean was getting a beer for himself and one for Miss Julie, after starts having a conversation Miss Julie: ‘Wake up! ‘ Jean: ‘Leave her’ Miss Julie: ‘What? ‘ Jean: ‘She’s been working all day, standing over the stove… It’s night, she earned a rest.

It’s not fair to disturb her. It shows that their relationship is kind of to one side for themselves its kind of every person for themselves in this speech. In this play Miss Julie is a high status and Jean is a low class but in this scene looks like Jean is more powerful by telling Miss Julie to leave Kristen alone because she was tired. I think Strindberg did this to show the duel between the two different statuses, to the audience shows that Jean is a low class on the outside but inside Jean is a high class by the power Jean was speaking to Miss Julie to leave Kristen alone.

Use of chorus and song is a form and structure in the play a chorus is a group of actors singing or speaking an example of this is Miss Julie and Jean were together outside in the garden the peasants came to sing a song, the peasants were Miss Julie’s friends but they were singing about Miss Julie and Jean. ‘A pretty girl walked in the wood one day, Tirilee, tirila, tirilee, tirila She walked in the wood and she lost her way, Tirilee, tirila. …. ‘ Which force Miss Julie to go to Jean room and have sex.

Strindberg did this to show the audiences while the peasants are singing the audiences are thinking what’s Miss Julie and Jean doing while there are in his room. If the play was taking in real time people will be thinking about Miss Julie and Jean where are they while they is still party going on with the peasants. In my opinion I think Strindberg written the play tremendously well and well made the development in the play (the rising action) introduces the conflict in the play where in the beginning of the play when Miss Julie entered it begins the rising action (development).

Moreover the denouement is where loose ends are tied up within the plot of the play and the conflict is resolved an example of that is when Miss Julie and Jean have a plan to run away together and make an hotel but they have been discovered by Kristen, Miss Julie’s father came back so Miss Julie resolve to kill herself and that communicates that the solution was Miss Julie committing suicide.

The play is written in chronogical order meaning does the things in the play written in order and in my opinion the play is written in chronogical order because the play doesn’t act the flashbacks that the characters was talking about for example when Jean was telling Miss Julie what he remembered about her they didn’t act it out on stage. This is a continuous play that shows events continuous instead of being made into short scenes or episodes Strindberg did this because he believe that plays should be continuous like life is continuous and never have a break between.

The effect of the play in performance is if there is a break in between the play it wouldn’t be emotionally and realistic as it would be if the play was continuous. In my drama practical class I work on forms and structures of the play using Miss Julie’s Monologue ‘You think I can’t bear the sight of blood? That I’m so weak … oh, if only … your blood, your brains on a block. First we did the monologue as with only one person saying the words Strindberg version then I went into a group of three and experiment the version with different form and structure each of us in my group read some parts individually or together using different techniques such as echoing etc. to see the effect. In my opinion the one that my group did show that Miss Julie is one person but shown in three different ways whereas the original Strindberg technique it shows more emotion while the group performance didn’t that much, I think Strindberg’s version is more powerful depends how you say the monologue

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