Former Teammate Tyler Hamilton Accuses Armstrong of Drug Use

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Tyler Hamilton, a former teammate of world-renowned cyclist Lance Armstrong, confessed to using dope.

He was allowed to retain his gold medal from the Athens Olympics, but went to accuse other cyclists, including the best of the bunch, Lance Armstrong.

Hamilton has denied the use of performance-enhancing drugs for several years, but finally admitted to it after having been subpoenaed by a grand jury, forcing him to testify. In

an interview with “60 Minutes,” set to air on Sunday, he insisted there were others who had also used the said drugs.

He said he had seen Armstrong inject himself for the Tour de France in 1999 which Armstrong won.

The CBS television network has released an excerpt of the interview, wherein Hamilton described Armstrong taking what they all took, which included EPO, a blood transfusion, and testosterone.

He said he had seen Armstrong inject the endurance-boosting drug not just once but several times, just like they all did. He also said spotted the EPO in Armstrong’s refrigerator.

Armstrong has won the Tour de France a total of seven times, and has repeatedly denied taking prohibited substances. Of course he had never failed a drug test, but that has not kept him from having to face up to accusations.

Frankie Andreu, another former teammate who also served as witness in the federal investigation, admitted to taking the banned drugs, explaining that he saw lesser riders passing him by, whom he believed to be doping.

“You kind of didn’t have a choice,” Andreu said, explaining that training alone did not seem to do it. He added that that was how many of the riders during the time period felt.

Mark Fabiani, lawyer to Armstrong, said on Thursday that the accusations were not true.

He pointed out that Hamilton was trying to make money with a book he was writing, and he had reportedly changed the story in order to get on 60 Minutes. This would apparently improve his chances of getting published.

In an e-mail statement, Fabiani said that Hamilton had misled the CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes.

Fabiani added that his greed could not alter the fact that Lance Armstrong was still the most tested cyclist who had passed almost 500 tests throughout his twenty-year career. In fact, he described Armstrong as the most tested athlete throughout the entire history of sports.

Interestingly, Hamilton, who failed a blood doping test for the Athens Olympics 2004, shares that Armstrong had failed a test during the Tour de Swiss in 2001, which had been an important game just before the Tour de France.

The federal authorities have currently taken over this case, to investigate whether Armstrong and the former U.S. Postal team had indeed been involved in blood doping.

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