Fog on the window

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I wish she’d hurry up with my fish fingers. I’m starvin’! Only got two peanut butter sandwiches and an apple in my lunchbox. I don’t even like peanut butter. I’ve been tellin’ her for ages that I hate peanut butter, but does she listen? No. But does she ever? I used to like it when I was younger, but I just got fed up of it. Anyway, had a horrible day at school, even ignoring the peanut butter sandwiches. Maths was the worst. Long multiplication, the two scariest words in the dictionary. It’s the worst thing in the world, even worse than green vegetables!

Don’t know why we can’t just use calculators. Then there was English. Mrs Finley is making us write poems or rhymes. I can’t write a poem, that sort of stuff is for girls, and it’s got to be a whole page long. If I wrote that much I’d break my wrist! We’ve got tests in a few weeks to decide which junior school we go up to. I want to go to St. Albians. They’ve got their own swimming pool. I have to do really well in the tests to go there though. It’s only for really clever people like Billy. Billy’s my best mate. We’ve been best mates forever.

He lives just down the street and our mums have been really good friends for ages so that’s how we met each other. Billy’s just got a new pair of glasses. I think they make him look even cleverer. It’s really funny when he’s in the kitchen and mum opens the oven door because his glasses go all foggy, just like the windows when it rains. I love it when it rains. You can go splashing in puddles and play in the mud. I like the feeling of rain falling on your face and dripping slowly down your cheeks and that feeling of comfort as you walk into a nice warm house after you’ve been outside in the wet.

The boy’s mother places his dinner in front of him. He thanks her politely and starts to demolish his dinner in a pig like fashion. Scooping it into his mouth with his fork like a JCB shovels earth. Two minutes later and he’s finished. mmmmmm… that was delicious. I was really hungry. Wonder what’s for pudding. Maybe mum will let me have some sweets. I could eat a million sweets, I love them. M&M’s are my favourites. My granddad eats lots of sweets every morning, they look a bit like M&M’s, but he never lets me have any. He always gives me Mars bars instead though.

I always thought granddads ate nothing but Wurthers originals, guess he’s just a strange granddad. I think I’ve just got a bit of an odd family really. My Auntie Mary seems to think she’s a chicken. I haven’t seen her in a few years but she always used to come up to me, grab my cheeks, wiggle them round and start going ‘coochy, coochy coo’ like some sort of farmyard animal. As for my Uncle Eddie, well the least said the better really, he has ginger hair that’s longer than a girls. It goes all the way down to his knees! Then of course there’s my great grandmother.

She has a set of false teeth and has a habit of taking them out for something and then not remembering where she put them. Last year she came over to stay for Christmas, she helped cook the meal and we found them in the turkey! Actually, thinking about it, granddad is the most normal person in my family. The only odd thing is the amount of time he spends messing with his flowers in the garden. They’re all different colours, but there must me a lot of yellow ones because his fingers are always yellow from picking them. Mum likes flowers. On her birthday dad always gives her a really big bunch of them.

She likes white ones. I think there boring. My favourite colour is blue. The boy’s mother gives him his pudding and refills his glass of juice. Aww yeah, red jelly and ice cream, my favourite. Now why can’t I have that in my lunchbox? Red jelly and ice cream might just make school better. You never know, with red jelly and ice cream I might get full marks in all my exams. Boy finishes his pudding. His mother tells him he can go and watch some TV before he goes up and gets ready for bed. He goes and watches TV for an hour before unwillingly trudging up the stairs, yawning as he goes.

Go to black Come up on boy lying in bed Uh, what a day. I’m so tired. I wish I didn’t have to go to school tomorrow. I think I’m getting a cold. I’ve got a pretty sore throat and a really sniffly nose. Maybe that will get me off school. No more long multiplication for me. Granddads always got a terrible cold. He coughs all time. He says its because was a chimney when he was younger. I think he’s only joking, but you’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty funny picture, my granddad stood on the roof like a stork with smoke coming out of his ears!

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