Five Ways to Genuinely Speed Up Your iPhone & Decrease Data Consumption

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Apple has been subject to more scrutiny recently with its apparently extremely difficult to crack encryption and the FBI tailing behind it for allowing a backdoor way to break through in any iPhone for security purposes. Even though Apple refused to do so and FBI found a third party hacker to do it for them anyway, the debate continues legally and in the online communities. Between this raging debate over encryption and the future of smartphone protection, we missed the crucial downside with Apple pulling out the big guns – newer iOS updates ever so frequently, taunting the user to immediately upgrade and reminding them to do ever so often. Of course, it is always in the best interest for the security of your device to keep on upgrading the your iOS as often as a newer one is released (if you’re not Jailbroken), the frequent heavy IOS upgrade files bring with them an unwanted feature of massively slowing down your device, especially if it’s not the latest device. Apple differs to what I’ll say next, but in my personal usage of my iPhone, I’ve always felt when you upgrade the first digit of your iOS from the one it came in, there’s some notable delay in the device. For example, Apple iPhone 5S came stocked with iOS 8, and as long as I keep upgrading to 8.1, 8.1.1, 8.2, or 8.3 it works almost the same, but when shifting to iOS9, the whole functioning of the device alters. It’s just not as smooth as you first brought it.

If you’re afraid of Jailbreaking and want to stick to your stock iOS itself, fear no more. Here are some nifty tips to make you get rid of that delay and glitch interface on your iPhone on iOS9:

Turn off Motion Animations:

Go to settings: General: Accessibility

Scroll down to find the option that says “Reduce Motion”. Turn this to reflect “On”. Notice the animation between switching through windows is marginally faster?

Reset your iPhone

If push comes to shove, and you’re definitely sure there’s some problem in your iPhone refusing to work as smoothly as it should, try resetting it, by heading to settings – General – Reset – Try resetting all settings without losing your content and Data first.

Use a different DNS:

  • Open Settings and Click on WiFi.
  • Select the network for which you want to set Custom DNS. This should be your most frequently used WiFi network. Sometimes your home’s ISP is slower than expected and switching to a better DNS makes all the difference.
  • Tap the Numbers in DNS and write the custom DNS server.
  • You can use them alternatively:
  • Google DNS servers: and
  • OpenDNS servers: and

Switch off all background Internet suckers:

Apple’s default reporting and feedback services suck all unnecessary Internet usage from your account without your permission. In a perfect universe with jaw dropping cellular speeds, you wouldn’t mind sharing some feedback to improve services in the future, but if you had that you wouldn’t be reading this guide anyway.

Head over to settings: Privacy and scroll the way down to Diagnostics & Usage. Click “Don’t Send” here. Next, turn off Ad Tracking by heading to the same list and enter the advertising menu, and make sure the slide on “Limit Ad Tracking” is set to “on” (green color).

Limit iCloud Usage

iCloud constantly will keep backing your content unless you’ve decided that you don’t have an unlimited data plan in India to actually utilize its services and that Apple’s default 5Gb doesn’t make any sense at all anyway. Head over to Settings: iCloud and try to turn off as much as you can on this page, except the last option of “Find my iPhone”. That app will prove to be a life saver someday and it’s best to keep it on.

What glitches or functional usage problems have you seen when using a newer iOS on an older device? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page

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