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TTT pages overview of the entire marketing plan. Usually limited to the specific objectives to be achieved, the key changes versus the preceding year and the marry of resources needed to achieve the objectives.

Business Review Also called ” Historical Background”, this section evaluates the past performance of the brand, usually the last 12 months as well as a recommendation on actions to be taken by the brand based on the result of their market research and insight. Environmental Analysis Describes various situations such as industry opportunities and threats, key factors for success in the industry as well as the brand’s strengths and weaknesses relative o competition.

Market Segments Describes existing and potential market segments. Describes key markets served and market segments using different but appropriate segmentation methods in detail. Undeserved and unseeded markets are also explored. Marketing Objectives Defines specific and quantifiable marketing objectives and goals. Whereas the previous sections are preliminary discussions, the marketing objective is actually the start tot the marketing plan proper. Continuously Satisfying Customer Strategy

Identifies the product positioning to be emphasized. Identifies specific strategies to be implemented to satisfy the brand’s chosen customer’s unmet needs, wants and expectation. Sales Force Performance Strategy An important section for selling-driven companies. Identifies what strategies to use to ensure the high performance of sales force (internal customer). Better Than Others Strategy Identifies key profit maximizing strategies to be implemented from several options to outperform competition. Marketing Execution and Controls

Enumerates key indicators for success, timetables and the people responsible for tasks to be done. Financial Enumerates in detail the investment needed to attain marketing objectives and to implement strategies and tactics. Indicates relevant financial figures in detail such as break -even point, monthly forecast, cash flow and other figures that may be relevant to the brand. Appendices Includes all relevant supporting information like detailed summary of researches, monthly breakdown of total statistics, etc.

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