Financial priorities

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Companies that make promote their products and services are up to date in the market and are able to adjust their situation, although the advertisement fee may cost them a lot.. This will help new businesses catch up to their competitors since they have lots of attention and in the long run since they can easily use competitors advantages for themselves unless these are protected, (For example, a USP). A company that does not advertise will not have much attention from the public and may be harder to find.

A pre-launch advertisement campaign will help them gain some customers from the start. If a new business has a Unique Selling Point it can gain attention rapidly because it is the only business that can sell it if it is confirmed by law. It may cost a bit of money to buy a patent upfront since it stops other companies from taking the idea as well so it can help you keep the product for your own business. It is a bit of a wait to make a patent since they take a long time to validate but after you have it you are clear to begin.

Selling techniques are a vital way of getting the public to notice your product. There are many legal (And illegal, such as blackmail) ways of selling your products, such as unique sales that many furniture and car dealerships choose to advertise. You should stick to one or two types of selling techniques so the public can get used to your companies image, but in your stores you can put offers on and lay out your products in an appropriate manner in order to attract attention to the correct products.

Taking steps to limit your impact on the environment can give positive publicity, can separate you from your competitors and also sometimes increase profits. For example, many will be impressed if you stop using bad chemicals in your product. On the other hand, if you do not look after the environment well enough, the government can choose to fine you which may result in bad publicity and deter customers. Small businesses can ask for finance from banks, friends/family, the government, venture capitalists and other places if they need start up capital.

Banks are a good choice because if you prove you will profit them then they will give you the money, but it will have a rate of interest on it that you have to pay back. Family and friend may also pay for you, but although they do not have a rate of interest or a time you have to pay them back in, they may ask for some terms. The government may also give you a grant where it is appropriate. Mostly, these do not have to be returned if you benefit the community, so they are a great source of money.

Finally, venture capitalists are a good source of start up capital because they offer you an amount of money up front, but they will ask for a percentage of your company in return. Businesses should always monitor and forecast cash flows so they can see what is and will happen to them in terms of capital. You should always monitor your cash flow to see any past patterns and to check that you currently are not losing money. This can help show you if your strategies are working currently. Also, you should always forecast your cash flow to prepare for the future.

Forecasting can help you start building up a margin of safety before an economic recession, for example. This can sometimes mean the difference between keeping and losing your company to bankruptcy. Businesses should always set clear objectives and financial priorities to make sure that they know what to do in the coming periods. Objectives will help you direct the business and its areas, while financial priorities will also help you invest in what is vital and will benefit your company.

You can also invest in certain areas of your business in order to make sure that they are performing to capacity. A key financial priority for a business looking for new products is Research and Development, who will help think of new ideas for future products. If you do not direct your capital or set clear objectives for the future then your company may not keep up with the competitive market since it will not have up to date products, the areas may not be functioning together and you may not be achieving anything since you are not aiming for it.

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