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This is the skill to communicate with others by expressing ideas and feelings without the use of obvious verbal communication. For example through the use of body language, gesture and facial expressions. Managers should have the ability to communicate inside the business premises to provide a greater understanding of differences between cultures, opinions and beliefs with in the company and outside of the company, which is vital to provide a better service to every one in the community.

Use of standard methods of communication within the organisation, Tesco: Another important aspect in communication is that the business should be presented in such a way to maximise the benefits of communication within the organisation. This is the reason why team structures are very constructive because they open up a multi channel of communication between the levels of management.

By using a team structure the communication flow down the line. For example instruction on new plans given from the top will get to the bottom level of staff because there is good communication between the levels of management. Big companies like Tesco and Barclays distinguish the importance of having multi-national channel communication; therefore in their business they have created group or team-working structures. Sometimes it is difficult for individuals to work in groups, but in Tesco, teams are able to communicate from one department to the other For example Human Resources to Finance Department.

The most common communication methods within the business, are explained below: Intranets: This is an electronic, computer based communication network among the staff of Tesco. In Tesco they also have Intranets to transfer information from one department to the other. This intranet is an email facility that is used in the Tesco to get email from one worker to the other or from one department to the other.

This method is very cost effective and fast, managers and all the other employees can respond with each other in seconds, they can send large “attachment” to the staff. Attachments are useful because all the information will be to the receiver, where as if the manager is to “copy and paste the information”, the images might do not reach to the receiver. This method sometimes is not secure, because if some one knows the password of the employee email, then that person can take the confidential data and the person can also used this data for wrong purposes.

Presentation: In Tesco, managers use different software’s like power point or excel to present important information to the employees using different charts, pictures in business presentations, seminars. Presentations are useful in businesses because they are visual, the receiver can ask the question if they do not understand anything. In presentation all kind of questions can be answered because the sender will be there to explain the point. Some people may find it very difficult to understand what the meeting is about, or they may hesitate to ask the presenter of the information to explain him, her self again and again. The reason behind the hesitation can be because of the language barrier or cultural differences.

Video conferencing: The use of video conferencing allows the people to communicate and share ideas face to face with other people even when they are thousand of miles away, this could be either nationally or internationally. In Tesco managers use this method when the manager of one branch is in different country. The use of this fantastic method allows the manager to share important information in minutes instead of travelling to different countries or cities to deliver that information.

Usage of video conferencing also minimises the cost of travelling and all other expenses like accommodation and food. While doing the meetings both parties can see each other, for example if Tesco managers of London are communicating with the managers in Newcastle, they can see and respond to each other quickly. There have been cases when the networks do not work, because of the compatibly of the software’s. This would obviously mean that the meeting would not take place, which in result is not beneficial to both parties.

Fax (or facsimile) machines: This method allows the manager to send out the detail information between businesses or through the employees by using a telephone network. Sending information in this way is cheap and fast form of communication ideal for contacts or for urgent documents. In Tesco manager often use this method to transfer information from one branch to the other. This method is very cheap to send the information from one place to the other. It’s the proof of actual documentation. At times sometimes, the recipient must receive some documents. Whereas sometimes confidential information cannot be sent via E-mail. Some times the problems can be with fax machines for that reason the sender may not be able to send the information to the recipient.

Flow charts A flow chart clearly shows the process of information being presented to someone. Flow chart is like a diagram it only shows the information in spider diagram. Tesco use this method to present any changes into the structure of the work if there is any for the staff. Flowcharts help the staff to understand the information quickly, because some of us understand information better when it is explained in a format of a diagram. However some of us will find it extremely difficult to understand even the simple data when it is in the format of flow charts.

Memorandum: Memorandums are widely used by managers within the business to let the employees know where the meting will be held; memorandums are also used to transfer information on a wide range of topics. In Tesco branches when there is a meeting in a branch, the manager of branch will send the Memorandum to the each and every staff of the Tesco as to let the employees know when and where the branch meeting will be held.

Memorandum reduces the confusion, because the employees of the business will know where and when the meeting will be held. Memorandum also helps the employees to prepare for the meeting before hand. Memorandum helps the employees to know what the meeting will be about, it gives an opportunity for employees to read generally about the topic, which will be discussed in the meeting. Meetings: This is the most common method of communication uses by managers for different purposes including staff and shareholders meetings and meetings with customers and suppliers. In Tesco the managers of branches hold meetings on regular basis, so that staff can express their ideas and views.

Managers in Tesco do act on employees’ views if they think they are right. In Tesco meetings are also hold to let shareholders know about the new changes that may take place. In meeting all questions can be answered quickly because the manager is there to answer the questions quickly. It also helps the recipient to understand information quickly because in meetings things go step by step. Managers can communicate with the employees face to face. For some of us meetings are not the right place to understand the information.

Publicity Material: Tesco makes publicity material for the whole public of Britain. They produce annual reports, profit and loss account they make posters like the one on the left to advertise their products with advertising companies like “ad partners”. This is the example on the website of ad partners showing advertisement for Tesco. Reports: In businesses like Tesco, reports are widely used by manager to transfer information about the business. Reports can convey the important issues such as the performance of the staff within particular area. Reports are very useful way of putting the information in one document; some one looking at the report will be able to tell how the business is running.

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