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Members are booking sports activities with the receptionist who talks to senior receptionists who checks with manager of leisure services or they book conference or social parties with admin and purchase team who also talks to manager of leisure services. If available the finance department sends an invoice to the member for the services provided. Members can also book a catering or bar service with facilities manager and then also finance department sends an invoice to the member for the service provided. Facilities manager sends a request for merchandise to admin and purchase and they send an order to the external supplier.

Effectively processing information in leisure centre The key to successful business is a good information processing and flow. The better they inform each other internally and externally the better will be understanding between the departments which is a key to success. Example of data capture, Method of processing and output could be a member sending an e-mail to the leisure centre manager regarding available service. The manager has to launch an internet browser to find his e-mails. Then he processes it in outlook or so and an output would be a reply with informations about services in leisure centre.

The correct data capture, method of processing and output will be a key to success. A table compiling different tools for processing information A Tool for processing information Description and usefulness Word Word is a program that allows users to process and write text documents containing a lot of information. Users can read write and edit the documents it is very useful and popular in writing text and exchanging it with different departments Outlook Outlook is a program that allows users to access their e-mails. It is very useful as it shows all the e-mails that a user received.

E-mails are information sent electronically through internet so it is very easy to share information with departments in the organisation and out of it Database Database is a document which contains various information put in order. An user can access it and choose to see particular information. It usually contains a big compilation of details and information and is very popular. How an organisation can improve their information system An organisation can improve their information system by introducing a new way of processing them which could be new software on their computers which will make information processing much easier.

It will bring the organisation clearer understanding of information and a better way to forward them to another department or an external organisation. Quality of information can be improved by doing external surveys or search for them in internet which will bring much understanding to the issues occurring in the organisation and many new ideas about how a company can organize their tasks for maximized profit. Another way of improving quality of information can be getting ideas from other companies which is a good way to overtake the competition with the services provided and the quality of the services.

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