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My adult is the manager of seven Shell UK LTD sites, he manages all employee’s and employer’s and he has control of the finance and purchasing department as a job role in his position. He uses a number uses of ICT to communicate in order to send and receive information. For example, he uses a purchase order to order goods and services that he would like to purchase and receive an invoice giving him a list of products that was ordered, he would make sure that it is correct, once he is certain its correct and not damaged then finally he would send a check to their suppliers.

These all different types of communication through-out the business. My adult at home uses a number uses of ICT such as, computer to print out his daily received invoices and also to check his accounts. Internet to get information on updates and changes about the business organisations and also personally he uses e-mailing to send out to relatives friends and etc. I am going describe how ICT is used in home/work personal and home/work social. My adult uses a computer at home for many reasons such as a computer would enable jobs to be done at much greater speeds and allow for home working.

My adult with a child could work from a remote location which would be her home and be able to do her normal job and then be able to access any information she needs to do it form the works computers via the internet. My adult uses the internet to search for a variety of different things such as online shopping, buying cars and etc. My adult shareholders are kept up to date with GAP by a number of communication methods. Company reports and documentation are sent by post and notified of any meetings taking place, which involves their presence.

But ICT allows the shareholders and investors all the news they want to know about the share price, meetings and companies progress, by logging onto GAP corporate website. Which allows them to look up any thing they want to know about the company. It also shows them the financial information, sales records, and directors reports. This is a much quicker way of finding out the information than by posting the information. But the problem might be that the shareholders could have faults on their computers, might not be logged on to the Internet or they might not have a computer to check up the information.

But they are kept updated by the most frequently used form of external verbal communication, which is the telephone or mobile phones. They are contacted by this communication nearly everyday by the directors or managers. The shareholders also can be in direct contact with the directors or managers by the use of e-mail. They have all the e-mail addresses of the directors or managers to find out more detailed information. GAP uses Electronic Mail the most frequent way of communicating with their suppliers.

My adult also uses the Internet at work for research and to look at the government website to look for information on update on legislations laws, all have their own user areas, with a unique user name and password so no unauthorised users can go into the staff’s user areas. My adult also uses the Intranet to look at staff information and policies. Because Shell UK LTD purchases a lot of software, they need to keep up to date with the Software Copyright Laws Mobile My adult uses her mobile at home when she needs to me make emergency calls. He also keeps contacts of friends and other people.

Being head of seven Shell UK LTD it is important for my adult to keep his mobile on at all times in case for any emergency call outs or their has been a particular problem with delivery, staff and etc. With a mobile my adult uses a number of different ways in communication such as: * offer voice, data and text messaging * calls can be made to both mobile and fixed networks * offer limited Internet access (dependent on handset and network) * international roaming – using your mobile abroad * can “port”, or transfer, your phone number if you decide to change network Text Messaging

My adult uses this is in the most common way of communication using a mobile phone. I use this very commonly while in the home and in the school, when I need to make contact with friends and do not have the resources to call them, or the time to do so. Without text messaging then contact would have to be made through voice conversation, which in some cases you would not be able to do, e. g. down a busy street, at a football match or sitting on public transport, when you would not be able to hear the person you are talking to, and they would not be able to hear you.

Phone Calls My adult uses this is another common use for mobile phones, it enables for the first time people to contact each other from anywhere in the UK, where there is a signal. It is very useful if you need to contact someone in the car for example, you can keep your hands on the steering wheel and talk through what is known as a hands-free kit. Picture Messaging Many modern phones have the ability to take record and send digital photos. Some phones have a camera built into them while others may have the capability to attach a digital camera onto it.

This is a very useful method of sending and receiving photographs in a short space of time. Photos are stored digitally on the phone on a special chip. Certain phones have larger storage capability, and better or worse picture quality, the picture quality varies with the number of pixels used to take and display the picture. This is very useful as the most advance picture phones can store many pictures, phones are smaller than the average digital camera, and digital cameras cannot send pictures to one another. Video messaging is the new way to communicate with pictures rather than just words.

Each phone camera is fitted with a camera, which takes images of whatever your phone is focused on a sends them to another phone, this picture outputs on their screen. This does not have an impact upon my life, but it is very useful for those who need to contact friends, or conference with other businesspeople when they do not have access to a computer. Music Players My adult also uses music players nowadays come in 2 main types, CD players and MP3 players, tape players are still around but are becoming less and less commonly used.

CD players are an extraordinarily precise piece of equipment, finding and reading the data found on the small bumps of a CD. You can see an example of a CD player mechanism on the right hand side. The main components are A drive motor spins the disc. This drive motor is precisely controlled to rotate between 200 and 500 rpm depending on which track is being read. A laser and a lens system focus in on and read the bumps. A tracking mechanism moves the laser assembly so that the laser’s beam can follow the spiral track. The tracking system has to be able to move the laser at micron resolutions.

In CD’s are now becoming used for listening exercises, also known as audio learning. These are commonly used in subjects such as Modern Foreign Languages; they help pupils prepare for tests. They are also used in Maths for mental arithmetic exercises. These CDs help me learn more effectively and increase my understanding of the subjects they are used in. At home my adult have a CD player. It is very basic with no special functions, such as bass volume, treble volume etc. It has the basic buttons, play, stop, rewind etc. It does have a random play button, which randomly selects a track on the CD inserted, and plays it.

This meets my needs effectively. It has 2 speakers that give out a clear strong sound, and play what I want playing without muffling. I do not need functions such as bass or treble to perfect the noise. MP3 Players MP3 Players are now often used in today’s society. I do not have one myself but I can see the many advantages they would have. They can store large amounts of information, but are compact. Music is downloaded onto MP3 players; they have a lead, which plugs into the back of your computer. Tracks are then transmitted from the PC onto the MP3 player; they are then store on the MP3 player and played when the user requests so.

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