Figure Skating – The Equipment Involved

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There are several important pieces of equipment involved in the sport of figure skating. However, the prime equipment is figure skates. These skates are generally different from the hockey skates. This difference is definitely very visible as there are large, jagged teeth available. The name that has been given to these teeth is toe picks. These are generally present on the front blade of the skate. The purpose for which the use of the toe picks is made is that they are primarily useful for jumping. Their use should however not be made for stroking or spins. The use of screws is generally made in order to mount the blades to the heel and sole of the boot. The professional figure skaters or a high level generally get their boots and blades fitted at a professional skate shop which hold good reputation as well.

The blades of the ice dancers are shorter in size at the rear side in comparison to the blades of the skaters in the other disciplines. The purpose is to allow for accommodation of the intricate footwork and also to ensure that close partnering in dance can be made possible. The use of the hard plastic guards is generally made so as to ensure that the skater is also able to walk when he is actually not on the ice. The use of this guard is that it offers protection to the blade from the different materials that may be present on the ground and also from the dirt. The contact of the blade with such things can lead to eventually making it dull in nature. Soakers may be described as the soft blade covers. They are primarily useful in absorbing the condensation. Thus, they can effectively protect the blades from the effect of rust when the usage of the skates is not being made.

Another important equipment is the type of clothing that is being used in the sport of Figure Skating. The use of leggings, tight fitting and flexible pants is generally made for the purpose of practice skating. However, in case of formal competitions of skating, women generally have to wear skirts or pants. In most of the circumstances, it is the skirts which are more popular. The color of leggings that is generally worn by women is opaque flesh color. Most women would also prefer to wear leggings or tights under their skirts or dresses. The male skaters generally make use of pants only. The costumes that are used by the different skaters can be of theater style and they may be having heavy beads. There is a great amount of expenditure made on the costume designing during these competitions.

The use of harness systems is made in some of the rinks to ensure that the skaters can learn the different jumps involved in the sport in a controlled manner. The installation of a heavy-duty cable is ensured in the ice rink. This is ensured to be attached to the two walls of the rink. There are two pulleys that generally ride on this cable. A vest or a belt is worn by each skater and there is an attachment of a rope or a cable. It is then threaded through the pulley which is present on the above cable. Using this mechanism, the skater generally indulges in the various moves during the sport.

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