Fencing: Techniques of the game

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Fencing is a game which requires immense expertise and practice. In this game if you hold the sword too tightly it might lead to many problems like muscles getting strained especially hamstring muscles which can hamper the player physically. It requires flexibility and accuracy and great presence of mind as well as right coordination between ones mind and body. A tight grip often reduces ones accuracy so a moderate hold is considered preferable. Beginners usually bend their wrists while playing this game which is common but should be avoided as that can lead to sprain of the wrist and as a result affects their performance. Proper distance between the players should be maintained because by doing so the opponent player will not be able to score a hit. Fencing should not be done without proper protection and equipments. Players should warm up before workouts to avoid excess strain on their muscles. The game should be played only under qualified management and supervision as the lack of the same can lead to dangerous consequences. Since the blade could break, an unshielded head or a fallen mask should be avoided as they may prove fatal. The players are provided with special clothing for this sport which is usually made up of nylon or harsh cotton to protect them from injury. Recently fabrics like Dyneema have been brought into play as they are puncture resistant. The fencer’s outfit is white in color and that of the instructor is black.

Fencing is of three types namely Classical Fencing, Sport Fencing and Theatrical Fencing. The most famous of these, Sport Fencing is an Olympic Sport too. Sport Fencing is some times also referred by the name of ‘Modern Fencing’. It is a very interesting game and requires muscular and agile body for the game requires a lot of energy and speed. It is a quick game and requires the player to be completely on the alert at all times. The players get very less time to response. It is an International Game. Its rules were formulated early this century.

In fencing tournaments there are both individual and group competitions. In team competitions there are a total of three fencers although a fourth fencer can be provided as an alternate. Team matches are of three minutes and unlike single tournaments they at all the times fence for bronze. There are two parts in the Individual events: Direct elimination and the pools. In pools there are generally seven fencers. Here the fencers are divided into groups and each fencer is gets to fence every fencer once. In the direct eliminations the winner moves on in the tournament while the loser is eliminated. It is like a knockout tournament where the loser gets kicked out. Here there is no third place in the competition; in its place the two bronze medals are granted to the fencers who lost in the semi-final rounds. This sport has a long time association with universities and schools. In universities, students compete against each other at the World University Games at an International level.

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