Fencing – Memorable Moments of the Game

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Fencing is an ancient sport which requires great physical strength and mental alertness. The rules of this game are laid by the FIE (Federation Internationale d’Escrime) and all the international fencing competitions are conducted according to these rules. There are many different kinds of fencing like Classical fencing, theatrical fencing and sport fencing, the sport fencing being the most popular one. Fencing is done with the help of a saber these days, in the past it was done with the help of a sword. As the sport is a bit dangerous, the players are requires wearing protective clothing’s like chest protector, gloves, breeches, mask, plastron and jacket to protect them from injury.

Sport fencing is also an Olympics sport and so the history of this game is embedded with a lot of memorable moments and great players from different countries. Fencing can be dated back to the 12th century and has changed a lot through the ages with the introduction of the epee fencing in the 1930’s which had an additional advanced feature of having an electrical scoring system . Fencing became an official sport because of the introduction of epee.

Famous moments of the sport during the late 18th century include the French fencing competition held in the year 1895. The two opposing teams were the Italian and the French and the game ended in a controversy. Before that another fencing event had taken place in the year 1891 in foil between Eugenio Pini and Louis Merignac and the latter was announced as the winner unofficially.

In the 1896 Olympic Games which was held in Athens, saber and foil fencing was introduced. Epee fencing was first played in the Paris Olympics in the year 1900 .During the 19th century women’s also stated playing fencing officially with women foil, epee and saber fencing being introduced in the year 1924, 1996 and 21st century respectively.

The 2004 Olympics held in Athens was a great moment for the game of fencing. The participating countries included America, France, and Russia etc. The American team consisted of Ivan lee, Tim Morehouse, keeth smart and Jason. They had the sixth rank among the eight teams that were participating. The American fencing team defeated the team of Hungary in the quarterfinal match but lost in the match against France and Russia.

They finally came fourth in the game. Rather than getting disheartened by their low performance, the American team decided to work harder for the Beijing Olympics of the year 2008. The American team was up against the Hungarians in the first round again in this game and they won. After this, having learned a lesson from their past performance, they played an amazing game against the Russians and defeated them to enter the finals. This was the first time an American team had entered the finals in the Olympic game in fencing. In the finals, they were up against the French, here however they couldn’t again come out victorious and came with a silver medal. This was the first time that they had won a medal in Olympics in both Olympics and American history.

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