Fencing – Famous Players of the Game

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Fencing is a very exciting game which can be traced 100’s of years back and is played with the help of a sword. It is a very popular Olympic sport and requires a lot of expertise. Apart from physical strength, it also requires perfect mind and body coordination as the lack of it can lead to serious consequences. The rules of the game include having a moderate hold on the sword, maintaining appropriate distance between the players, warming up before starting the game and taking proper precautions.

Being an Olympic sport, it has a long list of famous players who participated and won in the game. One of the most renowned players of fencing is Jason Rogers who won silver in the 2008 Olympics in the men’s team and has been an Olympian twice. He was not initially interested in fencing because of the complicated rules and technicalities of the game. The entire credit for his joining fencing professionally goes to Daniel Costin who insisted that Rogers use a saber in the sport rather than the sword as the saber is more dynamic and faster. Since then Costin has been Rogers’s personal coach and mentor for fifteen years in a row.

Another remarkable player of fencing is Ramon Fonst Segundo who played for the country of Cuba and remained actively involved in this sport as a consistent player for forty years in a row. In the Olympics game of the year 1900 which was held in Paris, he won a gold medal and became the first Cuban in the history of the game to have received gold in fencing. He was only 17 when he first participated in the game and since then has a track record of winning in numerous fencing events like the IV games held in panama in the year 1938 , I Caribbean and central American games held in the year 1926 , International Championship held in Paris in the year 1904 and the 1900 Paris Olympics.

Female players are also not that uncommon in fencing. With players like Emily Cross, they have also established a name in this game. Born in New York in the year 1986, Emily won her first medal in the world fencing championship in the year 2001 at the age of 14. She was also a part of the Harvard fencing team and also participated in the Olympics game. Emily was also awarded the prize of being the female rookie of the year at Harvard.

Another famous fencing player who started as a university player first is Tim Morehouse. He started fencing at school as an excuse to skip the gym class and later on became a teacher of fencing for seventh graders. Erinn Smart and keeth Smart who were siblings were also excellent fencing players who participated in the Beijing Olympics games in the year 2008. They both started fencing in the year 1990 and Keeth went to become the number one player in the entire world and hence made American history in fencing.

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