Federer wins over Isner in Paribas final

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Although Roger Federer had not handled John Isner during the Davis Cup, the Swiss maestro left Isner with no play against him during the BNP Paribas Open final.

Federer, who racked up the records, was the first player to claim a victory in this event for four times, finishing with a victory of 7-6, 6-3 win over the large American who showed up in his first final for the ATP Masters Series 1000. For Federer, on the other hand, this was his 19th title won at this particular level of the ATP tour, being in a draw with Rafael Nadal, and was also the 73rd win for Federer’s legendary career.

Of course, despite this success rate, Federer still could not gain the number 1 spot in the world. While he had lost only two times since the US Open, which was a run that has had him win six out of his last eight games, Novak Djokovic continues to hold three of the four Grand Slams, keeping his Number 1 rank in tight rein. Of course, even with Djokovic having successfully defended his title at the January Australian Open, over the weeks, Federer has obviously been giving his best tennis these last six months.

How the top four will sort themselves out will only be proven this upcoming season on European clay, after Miami, and following that, with the games on grass at Wimbledon. For the moment, experts agree that Federer seems virtually unstoppable.

Indeed, one of Federer’s primary goals is to regain the number 1 rank, and possibly posing a challenge to Pete Sampras.

Interestingly, after Federer’s victory on Sunday, Pam Shriver asked him which single achievement this year would make him the happiest. He speculated that it would be winning the Olympics; he described the Olympics, which will be held at Wimbledon this year, as “very special.”

Although Federer had won the Olympic gold in a doubles match with Stan Wawrinka at Beijing back in 2008, he has yet to win a singles gold. For a man with 16 Grand Slam titles, this is indeed the one major achievement that has continued to elude him. When played on grass at Wimbledon, though, and given how powerfully he has played in recent months, it is doubtful if anyone could bet against him.

Meanwhile, the game with Isner was a major occasion for this new entrant into the world’s top ten. The very competitive first set was understandable, although the windy conditions, which had clouds floating across the sun, were evidently troubling the bigger man more than his fleet-footed opponent.

On Isner’s serve, Federer managed to reach set point at 6-5, although a huge serve down the center managed to assure the 16,000-capacity crowd of an enjoyable tie-breaker. This was the point where Federer appeared vulnerable for the first time, given how one slip would wrap up the game in Isner’s favor, given how powerfully he made his serves.
Indeed, Federer made a slip with a hesitant forehand, pausing at 2-3 in a mini-break. Fortunately for him, he managed a very deep forehand return on a next service, which was apparently too much for Isner, gaining ground again.

Despite his disappointing loss, Isner was found to be upbeat after the game, likely remembering his win over Djokovic in the semifinal.

He conceded that he was not serving “as big as usual.” On Federer, he added, “He was mixing it up well… served better than in the Davis Cup. His forehand was far too good.”

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