Faults in Badminton

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A fault in badminton is an event where a person will be penalized by giving the opponent a point. There are a number of faults that can be used in the game of badminton. It helps to know these so that it will be easier for a player to know what to do and what not to do in this game.

A fault can occur when the shuttle lands in one of various different places. A fault can occur when the shuttle hits the ground outside of the playing surface. If the shuttle moves under the net and not over it a fault will be declared.

Any physical surfaces around a badminton court will be out of bounds areas. Therefore, if the shuttle hits the wall or ceiling a fault will be declared. This is important for games in tight quarters.

A player cannot touch the net or any net supports with anything. This includes the racket that the player is using. The only thing that the player can touch is the handle of that player’s racket.

The point of contact for the shuttle will have to be on the striker’s side of the net. If the shuttle is not contacted on the side and is hit before it can cross the net line a fault will be called.

Distractions are not allowed in badminton. These include such distractions as shouting, making signals with one’s body or getting into the court end of the other person. When any of these distractions occur a fault will be called. These distractions are not allowed because they can keep a player from having a fair shot at getting a shot off in a match.

The shuttle can only be hit once by a player when the shuttle goes into one’s court. If that player hits the shuttle two times in a row a fault will be called. The shuttle must also move directly off of the racket after it has been hit. A fault will be declared in the event that a player fails to do this.

One notable fault deals with what can happen when the shuttle is caught on the top end of the net. This is something that can be possible. Regardless of where the shuttle lands after it falls off of the top a fault will be called in the event that the shuttle hits this area.

All faults will be called against the player who caused the fault to begin with. When this happens the opposing player will get a point. A misconduct penalty can be called in the event that a player continues to commit certain faults. Over time the player could end up being eliminated from a game if too many faults are called.

The faults that can occur in badminton are important to see. These are all things that any player should avoid. These infractions are ones that do not work with the rules of badminton and can result in penalties that could end up costing a player a game.

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