Explain what Cameron Balloons produces

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To successfully complete these pages you will need your TWO businesses websites, the PowerPoint slides and any notes you have. Complete your portfolio by deleting the blue boxes and substituting YOUR ANSWERS. Explain what Businesses 1 produces Cameron Balloons produce a wide range of products. The firm manufactures a variety of hot-air balloons, airships and inflatable. They are almost certainly best known for their conventional balloons, but even these come in a wide range.

They range from a very small single person envelope that suspends a single-seated metal frame rather than a basket, to the huge envelopes used by commercial passenger carrying operations. Cameron Balloons even look at a variety of size of the products they produce. Is this business in the primary, secondary or tertiary sector? How do you know? What are the main goods or services it produces? I think that Cameron Balloons is a Secondary business because it puts raw materials together to manufactures a variety of hot-air balloons such as airships and inflatable.

Explain what you think the business is ultimately aiming for. What targets do you think it will try to reach on the way? I think that Cameron balloons is ultimately aiming to make the best hot air balloons across the country by doing this they must follow the government recommended policies like providing customers with all aspects of production for example accurate labelling and by making sure that the design process takes environmental concerns into account. Aims and objectives Explain why setting aims is important to the business and its staff I think that it is important for Cameron Balloons to set itself aims because it leads the business in a direction and the staffs knows what expectation they need to achieve.

Explain how staff at the business can check that aims and objectives are being met Staff are able to check that aims and objective are being met by seeing if costumers are satisfied and expectation are being met. What sort of changes might make Businesses 1 consider changing its business activities? Is there any evidence that it is already doing so? (Look for evidence that it is moving into other areas. Give reasons why you think that these changes are taking place.) Cameron balloons might consider expanding the business by buying more factories if the popularity of balloons increases and if the popularity decreases they can sell of the factory that they already have.

Ownership What type of ownership does Businesses 1 have? (Explain the type of ownership.) Cameron balloon is a public private limited company. This because Don Cameron wanted the business himself but be able to invite different shareholder in the business. How did you find out what type of ownership it has? (Say how you researched this – was it through information online, through interview, or through printed materials?) I find out this information by the Internet and going through the presentation that my teacher had set out on the computer. What information gave you a clue about the type of ownership?

The company name Cameron balloon ltd has the ltd at the end of the name this is most for meaning private limited company. What is meant by ‘liability’ and what sort of liability does/do the owner/owners of this business have? Explain what this type of liability means. Owners can only lose their investment even if the company has huge debts. What happens if the business fails? Include in your answer an explanation of what would happen to the various people who have an interest in the business. Also say what the official name is for this sort of business failure.

Owners can only lose their investment and may lose profit. Company can also become bankrupt and may have to put their factories on sale. Why do you think the owners chose this type of ownership for Businesses 1? Owners that buy a public limited liability Companies because they can only lose their investment even if the company has huge debts. I have listed some more ideas why people might buy a private limited company.

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