Experience as A Customer Service Agent

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This is a customer-based assignment, and I have been asked to write a report outlining my personal experience as a customer service agent. I must include evidence of my work with at least four different types of customers. I must include evidence of my ability to adapt a different attitude and reaction to different customers needs. Customer service is vital in any organisation, more so today, as there is so much disposable income available to people, and hundreds of thousands of products on the market, making tough competition for organisations. A company will do better with good customer service than another so demands must be met.

Customer service is the way a customer is treated by staff. It covers the queries and complaints – The way in which they are dealt with. Good and bad customer service affects the relationship between customer and business. An organisation, which whole-heartedly uses Customer service and where this is engrained, the company will do well. Customer service can help to gain repeat business and to retain its customers, by providing an effective service so that the customer leaves satisfied. Customer service includes many benefits. It can help A woman in her late 30’s came into the store and bought her shopping. The woman bought various other things that day, but soon after she left, she had realised that she had left her handbag within the store. When she had gone back to the place where she thought she had left it, it was gone.

The woman was making a lot of the customers within the store very upset, and this was at our peak time so a lot of customers where within the premises. Many sales assistants had complained that the woman was blaming them for lifting her handbag, and then I appeared on the scene! I took the woman to the customer service desk so to get a formal statement from her, but also to diffuse the situation and not make a scene in front of the existing customers within the store.

I had first asked the woman her name. She was called Claire. I asked where she had left the handbag and she claims to have left it in the Menswear department. Claire was extremely upset as a lot of money was contained in the bag. She was roaring and shouting at me, but I was polite and sympathetic back to her. Before I could write the statement in the complaints book, I had to explain to her about the procedures that I had to take. Otherwise if she was talking to me and very upset, and I put my head down, the woman would be very vexed, therefore I started talking to her and always kept eye contact, and explained to her that we have people looking around the store. I told the woman to take a seat so that I could write the statement into the file.

So I wrote the statement down on the complaints file, and while I was doing this, we had our security personnel checking the camera’s to check if she had dropped her handbag; anything to keep Claire calm. We also had people on the floors looking for the bag, incase the cameras wouldn’t have picked it up. After I had calmed the lady down, I reassured her that we would do everything possible to find her handbag. I had passed the information onto the manager; so that the customer could see that I was doing something about the matter, but also making her feel valued and welcome by the company. After about 30 minutes, the security personnel had found no indication that she had dropped or lost her handbag within any department in the organisation, so we phoned the other stores in the shopping centre, and the handbag was located in Eason’s, a stationary and Bookshop.

The woman was so deeply upset, and embarrassed and she couldn’t apologise enough, but I convinced her that it wasn’t her fault, and that the staff where also sorry about what had happened. When one of the managers from Eason’s brought the handbag down to us, we had to make the woman give us a description on what it looked like so that we could confirm that it was actually hers, and this was not a prank. The woman described the handbag as; a grey weaved bag, with two compartments and a zip fastener and a black shoulder strap. The description matched the handbag, and Claire was ever so polite, embarrassed but polite, and she couldn’t stop thanking us.

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