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Having a wide range of partners has meant that Coca Cola can attract to more customers making more sales. For example, they have partnered up with Coca Cola so they can sell their drinks at their restaurants. As well as this, the cup that the Coca Cola drinks comes in, has the Coca Cola logo on it making more people aware of them. Teamwork has meant that the different departments within Coca Cola can team up with different partners in order to release exclusive products to their customers.

One example of this was their James Bond packaging. The different departments within Coca Cola responsibility when promoting this new product. For example, the for example the finance department is responsible for the financial data such as how the packaging is going to cost them and how much they’re going to sell the bottle for. Having successful partnership like this has encouraged Coca Cola to partner up with more companies. Teaming up with partners has allowed Coca Cola to sell in more places.

For example Coca Cola have teamed McDonalds and Subway so they can sell their products there. As well as this, the cup that the Coca Cola drinks comes in, has the Coca Cola logo on it making more people aware of them. McDonald’s is the world’s leading fast food restaurant which has many customers. Having Coca Cola sold at McDonald’s has meant that their products can attract to more customers and make more sales making them also achieve their profit objective as well as their partner objective.

Another place where Coca Cola sell their products which has allowed them to sell their products is the FIFA world cup. Coca Cola have bought the rights to only sell their products there whether it be Sprite, Fanta or Bonaqua, they all belong to Coca Cola. Coca Cola have taken advantage of this so they set a high price which the people at the World Cup match have no choice but to pay. Identify and exploit marketing opportunities is a key skill that helps Coca Cola to gather more partners.

When identifying marketing exploits then look at opportunities that can be successful and take advantage of it to make profit. One example of how Coca Cola have identified and exploited marketing opportunities again through the James Bond packaging. The reason they exploited it is because James Bond had i?? 11. 4 million on its opening weekend. Coca Cola had partnered up with the producers of James Bond and introduce the new packaging. Coca Cola would then give a percentage of this to James Bond.

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