Example of Minutes of Quarterly Finance Team Meeting

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The Chair welcomed the delegates and opened the meeting. Explained that this would be a brief meeting discussing the usual items as well as talk about the team away day, proposed changes to the office layout and staffing issues. 2 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies from Jane Brown, who had the flu, and Eric Jones, who at last minute had to go to an urgent meeting. 3 MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING There was an error in Item 6. The Chair actually said that stationery orders can only be approved by the Company Secretary, not the Departmental Managers, and that stationery can only be ordered every two months, not every single month.

A computer fault on the 6th floor has now been fixed. Thanks to Emma and Sophie for helping to sort this out. The Excel course was attended by 20 members of staff, and all gave good feedback about its relevance and value. KW 5 TEAM AWAY DAY It was agreed at the last meeting that delegates would bring ideas for the team away day. The ideas suggested are these: 1st suggestion by CJ: Thames riverboat trip from Greenwich to Westminster, then afterwards go on the London Eye.

And then lastly have dinner in a restaurant on the Southbank, such as Ping Pong, which specialises in Chinese Dim Sum. Roughly costs about i?? 80 each in total. 2nd suggestion by LW: Visit Denbies Vineyard in Dorking, Surrey, to take a 45-minute tour around the estate and taste some wine, and then eat at the excellent restaurant there. A chauffeur should be hired with a minibus from the local cab fare. This would cost i?? 80 each. 3rd suggestion by HH: Go to the Ritz for tea and then go to the theatre to see a musical, such as Chicago or Billy Elliott.

The total cost including the train fare would be about i?? 100 each, although we may be able to get a special deal for a group of 12. 4th suggestion: Pamper and spa day in Kent. [s2] The 4th suggestion of pamper and spa day won the overall vote, and Lauren will go find out more about it, such as costs and details, and then circulate to everyone later. LW 6 CHANGES TO OFFICE LAYOUT JW: Plan 1 looks the best as it is more private, since the meeting room has a wall separating it from the waiting area, although a door should be fitted.

Chair: That would be useful for interviews, because Plan 2 is too open plan. KW: I agree that plan 2 doesn’t look very secure because there is no partition and visitors will be able to see straight into the general office area. Chair: Good point, as anyone could be able to just walk in there and take what they wanted. Everyone else agreed with Plan 1, and the Chair will let the builders know that this work should start in a month’s time. PH 7 STAFFING ISSUES Chair: We’ve had many problems finding suitable lunchtime covers [s3]for our two receptionists Jean and Jackie because of Jean’s long-term sickness.

Hiring temps has not been very successful because they lack insight into the organisation’s structure, and Jackie is under immense pressure to train them as well as working two roles. Suggestions for solving this problem: CJ: Ask the secretaries to cover Jackie’s lunch hour. We could create a rota and offer them a time on Friday afternoon to suit them. Provided there is enough cover, they may be encouraged for this by the fact that they usually do their shopping on Friday evenings. Everyone agreed with the idea.

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