Every manager must to be interpersonal

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Team work: When being a football coach, team work is the most important factor that is needed. Without team work a team cannot win no games, this is because the coach trains 30 players and he needs them to play together as a team so he has to make all the players get a good relationships so that they get along on the pitch, also when new players are bought old player might become a substitute and might get angry or jealous at each other so it is important to teach the team, team work. Also the manager must learn team work as well so he must give everyone a chance to play once in a while. Also the manager has to team up with staff to make sure that the training sessions are made correctly, also the manager has to make sure that the chefs who prepare the food make sure it is well served, as the players could get food poisoning. This all require team work from everybody at the club.

Planning: When being a football manager it is very important that you plan ahead of whatever you are going to do. Firstly a manager has to plan the training sessions with his assistant coach and his other coaches, this takes a lot of time as they need to train on thing that they lack on. The manager has to plan the training session properly and on time as there is training everyday, so there is no time to look at different training styles.

Also, the manager has to plan on who they are going to choose to play on the starting line up and who is going to be a substitute. This very hard and complicated for the manager as he has to see who has been playing good and who is fit to play, also they have to plan wisely as they do not want to leave out the wrong person who could get upset. Also in the summer, a team has to plan who they are going to play and they have to plan a date. Furthermore the manager has to plan what he is going to say in speeches and when talking to the media, this is very important because the manager has to say the right thing as if he says the wrong thing the media would critics him very badly. A successful manager has to plan everything single thing he does.

Listening: It is important when being a manager to listen as a lot of people talk to you about what they think. Firstly when being a manager it is important to talk and communicate with the football players of the team as they might not have a positive mood or they might have home problems which could be affecting the way they are playing on the pitch. It is important for the manager to build a relationship with each player so that the players can tell him what is on there mind. If the manager listens to what the players say they would feel more comfortable and they would feel happier and comfortable around the manager.

Also the manager has to listen to what the shareholders want for the club future as they might have aims for where the club are going to finish in the table. Furthermore the manager has to make sure that the player’s listens to what he has to say during training and in a football match as he doesn’t want them being distracted that they would not know what to do. So it is important that the manager listens to what his players has to say and make sure that the players listen to him.

Appropriate language: When being a manager it is important for the manager to learn how to communicate with his players and the shareholders who he reports to. When the manager speaks to the player it is better that the manager knows how to speak many different languages as the players might be foreign so is important he knows how to talk with the players. Also the manager doesn’t have to be formal at all times to the players has he has to be with them a lot so it I s important that the manager and players and have a conversation and share a joke together. Furthermore, when talking to the owners of the club it is important to be very formal as they would not take the manager serious and what they mostly talk about is money which is serious, as the owners would want to know about profits and losses.

Appearance and body language: A manager always has to look smart unless he is doing training for the team, it would be better if a manager wore a suit as that is what most high classed manager where, other than that they were the team track suit. The manager has to look like a responsible person as he has to present himself in the right way or the media would portray him in a bad way. Also the body language of the manager is important as he has to show to the players that he believes that they can do well every match even if the team they are playing are way better than him.

Eye contact: A football manger needs to show his players eye contact as he needs them to concentrate on what he is saying whilst he is doing the training. Also at half time when the team is losing for example the manager has to trie inspire the team to win doing this he has to show eye contact so that they listen to what he is saying. Facial expression: The manager has to show his players that he is serious by his facial expression, if the manager is laughing while talking about a serious matter then the football players would not take the manager serious and they would always think that he is joking and messing about. He has t put on a serious face.

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