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My first user requirement was for the project to have a professional image look, so I will instantly notice it is a usable programme. I will know it has a professional look because it should stand out and should be in an easily readable layout. An example of a professional look image can be seen in page. As you can see the main menu display is Cleary readable, bold and stands out. The main menu sheet is broken into three sections stock side, supplier side and sales. In my first main menu screen it was not very clear or accessible, buttons were muddled in different place also they were all not there.

A screen of the first main menu screen can be shown below: After making improvement I believe the colour scheme is very attractive and stands out and shows the user it actually looks like a clothing industry system. Also it is easier for the user to access. The new main menu screen is shown below: I believe the solution above is very effective and is what the user wants. My second user requirement was that the System will have easy to use features and will be easy to navigate. So I will be able to add new stock to the system. So it will instantly show up on a table.

I believe I have followed my user’s requirement in order for this system to be as easy as possible for the user to use. I have done this by implementing easy to use macro functions these are shown below: As you can see all the user needs to is enter information just as above in the cells, there are also help buttons if the user does not understand. After he has finished, all he has to do is click the new stock sml button. After the user has clicked the button it brings him back to the add new stock screen. Once the button is selected the stock would be added to the database without any complication, as shown in the screen below.

As you can see above the item has been added, I have met my users requirement and have shown how easy button are to use. My third user requirement is Calculations on my sheet will be freely accessible; all I have to do is enter the items I have sold, and its should give me a weekly sales data. I thoroughly checked my user requirement so that on the weekly sales sheet when the user selects the item he has sold it should come up with a price. Also after he has selected all his sold items a total price is worked out, using a sum function which is =sum (h3:h18). In the screen below you can see how I worked out the individual price of 1 item:

The arrow is pointing to the sum function used; this means when the user selects the amount of item sold, it automatically calculates the total. The screen above shows how to work out the total sales of that week by adding the entire item sold together to get a total price. By using this function it save the user a whole lot of time, by not having to manually work it out. My fourth user requirement is: Stores data about new stock added to the system must be shown on the system. In order to follow this user requirement I had to create a spread sheet called add new stock, this contains cells in which the user types in information.

These are information such as item description, price etc. If the user does not understand, there are little help buttons which can help the user. In the screen shots below you can see my user requirements are met: In the screens above you can see I have abided by my users requirement, and the user can easily identify the stock has been added to the database. My fifth user requirement is: The system will be password protected so just only employees in the business can open up the system. This user requirement was easy to do and I think it is very effective solution and information cannot be stolen.

Below are screens of how I did it and how it is a very useful item to have in a system. In the screen above you can see I have used a password protection tool, so only the user and his workers can use the system. My sixth user requirement was: Run using excel 2007 most up to date system software, the user wants this requirement because he knows his system ha the latest specs. So excel 2007 will be the programme to run on his system. I have that this requirement will work by transferring my database to another system, and it all ran smoothly. My seventh user requirement is: Able to show suppliers: name, email and phone number.

Also simple add new suppliers button. In this user requirement I had to build up a spread sheet, and macros which allowed me to add information about the supplier onto the supplier database. The sheet consisted of adding information of suppliers name, email and phone number and email address. Also on the sheet is a add suppliers button which transfers the information onto the stock database. In the screen shot below you can see boxes where the user has to enter the information: I think my solution is very effective and I have followed my user’s requirement by showing what the users wants which was supplier’s name, email and phone number.

The user also wanted an add supplier button so the information will transfer to the supplier database. My eighth user requirement: Able to print out an order sheet of what I have purchased from the suppliers. I have followed my user requirement of being able to print out the order sheet, I done this by using a print macro. This means when the user has printed his order sheet he can keep a record of this. A print out has been attached to the page. My ninth user requirement: Work out when my stock is low and indicate me with a warning function that I need to order new stock.

I have applied my user requirement to actual database I have done this by when in the stock database, the stock level of certain quantity reaches below 4. The stock item is highlighted in red so the user can see what he can re-order. A screen shot is shown below and I believe it is an effective solution that the user wants: As you can see above the items are highlighted in red My tenth user requirements: Update stock feature will allow me to update the main database when the stock has arrived. This user requirement was very hard to establish, in order for the update macro to work I had to visual basic editor which is against my capabilities.

For the macro to work I would have had to change the codes, which would allow me to add new stock values to all rows and not just one. When I had first assigned the macro, only one individual item would update on onto the stock database. I have not been able to abide to my tenth user requirement as it would be too difficult to do. My eleventh user requirement: Add new stock feature instantly allows me to enter new stock in the database. This feature was easy to make for the user to use and it was one his user requirement.

This requirement meant the user can easily add new stock I onto the system, without any complicated buttons. You can see below how easy the function is to use for the user to add new stock. As you can see in the screen shot I have entered the item information and the price and quantity. After I clicked the add new stock button this information has then been added to the stock database. The user requirement is very effective. Limitation: * My first limitation with the system is that it doesn’t look energetic or bright. The project itself looks dull and does not have a good colour scheme.

I could have fixed this problem by spending more time on presentation skills and using consistent colour schemes. This would have made the project look brighter and stand out more. * Another limitation would be that there is flickering during a macro taking place. For example during the add new stock macro when the information is transferring to the stock database, it flickers this could cause health and safety issues towards the user. * I could have added an extra spread sheet called stock level, this is because if a certain stock quantity fell below 4 it should be highlighted in red.

This can be seen in my stock table, but I think the user will find it very difficult to understand the table. Improvements: * I can improve on my first limitation by having a more consistent colour scheme and make sure the project looks brighter. I have implemented a brighter look using different colours also I have increased the font size so it stands out more; I have also used a black background. Also I have added some logos of the brands I am selling to make it look like a unique clothing system. In the screen below I have made adjustments to my limitation:

As you can see above I have used a more effective solution and have made an improvement on my limitation. * I can improve on my second limitation, by selecting the macro I want to edit and then entering a message about screen updating. This function has only been added to one of my sheets meaning when I add a new supplier the screen will not flicker. In the screen below you can see the where the screen updating has been placed in the macro code: Sub add supplier () ‘ ‘Add supplier Macro ‘Macro recorded 27/02/2008 by default user ‘ ‘ Application. ScreenUpdating = False

The improvement I have made has made my project very effective, and will stop the user having any health problems. i?? I have made improvements to my third limitation, I done this so my end user can easily identify when a stock level goes below four. I done this by creating a new spread sheet called Stock level; I used an auto filter function which means the user can see only what it wants to see. For example if the user wanted to know what quantity size of stock was below 4, it could select that function drop a dropdown list and the items shown would be highlighted in red for the user to easily understand.

A screen is shown below of the stock level sheet: As you can see above the item quantity is clearly highlighted in red for the user to understand, this improvement has made the project effective. i?? My end user also requested that when he started up the system it was not on the main menu screen rather a random sheet. In order to fix this problem I went onto the main menu screen and save the sheet. This means every time he loads up the project it will always be on the main menu screen. This improvement will satisfy the end user and means he can access other sheets easily.

My end user also suggested that on the add new stock screen it was not clear where to enter the quantity information, as there were three boxes he could enter into in one size. In order to make this into an effective solution, I enlarged two cells into two big cells so the user would understand where to enter. A screen shot is shown below of how I changed it to help my end user: The screen shot to the left is the old one as you can see in each size there are three boxes this may confuse the end user. I have made an improvement on this on the screen to the right as now there are only individual boxes.

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