Evaluation of Human Resources

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Businesses have to control their resources closely, this is because Human resources are needed in the business and is also monitored because if some staff are not doing their work correctly then they are likely to be replaced with someone that is better. If the business is to expand then the business needs to employ staff with certain ability that will benefit their business. The Human resources can improve the businesses performance in many ways. There are two main processes which are looked at when managing human resources.

The most important is to employ the correct people for the job, people that will carry out the job role correctly. Then the correct resources have to be provided for them so that they can carry this process out to the best of their standards. Treating these employees with care and sensitivity is important. They are not like physical or technological resources; humans need to be dealt in certain ways, as they are protected by legislations and laws.

In some businesses, there will be a constant change of different demand of products that the customers wish to purchase, for this reason the staff will have to be trained for any of these occasions. This is how they improve there human resources. They also look at how many skills the employee has when they are searching for new employees. They will check whether that person can be used in more then one job position of that store, how many skills they consist of.

Coordination of the teams in different types of businesses is very important in ensuring that they meet the targets that the company sets them. When all employees of the team complete their assigned roles the team will run more smoothly. It is also important that a manager is always there so that they can supervise his staff and also if there is a problem that they might not be able to handle the manager will defiantly being trained to deal with the situation. Monitoring the performance of a team and letting them know of there good work is a good way to keep the staff motivated.

There are certain ways to monitor the way that businesses monitor their staff. Firstly they can make sure that the staffs are reaching the targets that are assigned to them. Also sales figures can be looked at, seeing whether the team has overspent or under spent the budget that was assigned to them. Finally last way to monitor the performance is to record the number of compliments, or complaints that that member of staff has received from the customers. Individual and team appraisals are also a good way to keep the team motivated.

Liaising within departments in a business is very important in keeping the employees on talking terms with people in other departments. It is essential that they work with each other so that they can coordinate with each other and progress is completed rather then slowed down. One way to make sure that the teams work together is to encourage team building exercises, so that the employees can get to know each other more. Many people from the same level within the organisation are told to meet with other people from other departments, not necessarily physically, but through the internet.

To ensure that the employees know how the business works, and what there job role entitles, they should know about the background of their organisation. There will have to be good communication and respect shown when the people of the company are talking to each other. People will talk to others in a different way depending on there role, or what they have achieved. With there superiors there will be more respect shown then others like people below them in the organisation.

In some businesses managers will refer to each other using there titles but many others, they will be referred to on first name bases. It is also important to communicate with the employees, make sure that they know the terms of there contract with the job that they have with you, whether they are allowed to have a second job or not, these little things. If they choose to have a second job, they should tell their role manager about it, and also the job should be in a non-related company. Managers can use incentives to keep the workforce encouraged to work harder and harder.

There are many ways in which employees can use these incentives to keep them working, they can be rewards, little things that will make the workforce feel that that are being appreciated. These incentives also have to be worth of value to the employee that is earning them, or they will not want to earn them. It is always good to offer a variety of choices for the employees to choose from. This way they can have different things every time that they work hard. Businesses usually encourage there employees to be creative, and use their initiative.

This is to adapt with any change in the market, so that the company is easily adaptable, and these companies are more likely to succeed. Because companies can compete all over the world using the internet, these companies’ encourage their employees to think creatively and use their imagination. Many small businesses become successful by being creative and using their initiative. Organisations can get their work done in two different ways, one in-house, where the employees that they employee do the work for them, or the organisation can outsource their work, where they pay some other company to do the work for them.

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