Evaluation of Group Project

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There is a disadvantage of majoring in math which you would not have many chance to do group work with others. Most time I study alone. So, I was really excited to take speech class to experience my first time group work. I think of myself as a democratic leader of my group. Our group norms are very simple, which include joining group meeting on time, being active in group meeting and share your own opinion and information, and being well prepared for next day meeting. To be an information seeker and giver was the primary request for everyone in my group.

The hardest part of being a group leader is to maintain team harmony. Here I played a role as tester of agreements and feeling expresser. With the differences of individual presentation, disagreements of certain terms always exist in the preparation of group presentation. At the first time meeting, our team tried to brainstorm any ideas of our topic, including North Korea Weapon Issues, Teenager Dating, Internet Privacy, Japanese Cartoons’ Influences to Teenagers, etc. Our group members’ debates therefore revolved around deciding project topic. I came up with an idea that vote might be the best way to reach a consensus.

Moreover, Julia and Nicole once argued about the meaning of hacking and phishing for the whole meeting. It was my responsible to stop them but I could not. Thus, I had to end our meeting. When I came back home, I texted massage to both of them. “What I know is that the right meaning of a single word won’t help us to get good grade for this group project, but the strong group cohesion will lead a team to the right direction. ” Fortunately, they all took my advice and cooperate well on the rest of our group meeting. I also played a role as energizer and “Tomorrow, we will talk about the internet safety tips.

I hope everyone could brainstorm any possible ideas of preventing disclosing personal information and getting hacked on the internet. ” In every end of our meeting, I always give out daily task for next meeting. “Tomorrow, we meet up in Noodles Company at 4 o’clock at afternoon, I will send the power point to everyone’s email, please check your email as soon as possible. As usual, we continue our discussion on Skype tonight. ” Arranging meeting time, connecting members were also parts my job. In the last day of our group meeting, we practiced the group presentation in Rockville Memorial Library. Everyone was kind of excited and nervous.

We encouraged one another. When I came back home that day, I also practice my part of presentation to myself in the mirror. Because of my effort on the preparation, I was unexpected confident on the presentation I spoke with good energy, expressed clearly and well-organized. I have to say, this first-time group presentation is really enjoyable, impressive and expressive. I really appreciate my group members’ efforts on this project. Everyone was active in the group meeting and well prepared for the tasks. For myself development, I hope I will be able to extend information clarifies view of points more effectively and efficiently.

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