Evaluation of computer art project

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The scenario for this assignment was that Terry Dickenson played the role of the Manager of the new sports car Manufacturer “TRV Sports Cars”. He played the role of the client and I played the role of the Graphic Designer. My job was to create a front cover for a magazine that would feature the new sports car, an advert to advertise the new sports car that will be put in the magazine and finally a CAD image to show one of the new engine components. The first meeting was held on 28th September 2002. During the meeting the above aspects were discussed. I used Photoshop 6 for my two images and I used Total CAD for the CAD image. I completed this project both at home and at college. The project was to be finalised by 13th January 2003.

I had to manage my time. To do this I used Action Plans and a program called Project manager. I organised my time well and I kept to the deadlines that were set by me the Graphic Designer and the Client, Terry.

The Target is the prospective customers of TRV Sports cars. The Audience that it is to appeal to is the successful and affluent Business man or woman who wants the style of a sports car at a competitive price. The project must cost as little as possible, because the company want to keep costs to a minimum. To do this I will use my time constructively, this means decide on images quickly and gatherer early images to give an idea of the finally image a couple of weeks in advance.

This is a new sports company and they are not sure how successful this car will be. Therefore I must give this new company the image they want to put them in good stead in the car market. Terry wanted the project done as quickly as possible as they wanted to start selling the car. I was given 3 months to do this project. I frequently backed-up my work and frequently printed out so I had hard back-up copies. I had evenly spaced meetings throughout the project, I did have the option to see Terry anytime if need be. I did a production plan to outline deadlines and time management. This I could show to Terry to show how far I was away from completion. The only outside help I was to use was views, in the form of a questionnaire. The software I was to use was Photoshop 6 and maybe Xara 3D or Maya. I used Total CAD to do my CAD.

The following communication skills were important to me during the project.

a) Understanding and keeping to requirements of a brief.

b) Action Planning

I believe I have harnessed and homed these skills through this project and I can carry on and use them in my next project.

I carried out my role as the Graphic Designer professionally and effectively. I kept to deadlines and produced images that Terry was delighted with. He said he was happy with the standard of work and would be using me in the future, he also said he will recommend me to other companies.

I kept strictly to my Action Plan and had meetings when I said I would have them. I had a couple of Additional meetings along the way to get feedback from Terry on what he thought of the work so far and to see if he had any changes he wanted to make. That way I kept to his Brief and produced images that he wanted.

I used notes to keep track of what my client wanted. I took notes during every meeting so I could refer to them when I was working on the project. It also helped my communication skills, as I was note taking while he was talking and I could question him over something he said that I wouldn’t have remembered if I had not taken notes.

The most important factor of this project was to meet the set deadline, which I did.

Through this project I have come to realise that time is money and before I take on a job I will look at the time aspect as well as the workload. If there is anything I have learnt from this project it is to:

> Get feedback from outsiders, in the form of questionnaires

> Use Action plans and Schedules to help keep organised and on track.

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