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I will know evaluate the suitability of my chosen career (secondary school ICT teacher) as well as the route I am going to take to achieve this. I have chosen to work within the teaching sector, working as a secondary school ICT teacher, as I have a passion for teaching which means I would be motivated to come into work every day and teach. Helping students to get their required qualifications, will give me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Another reason why I have chosen this sector over the others is because my career test showed that this sector was the most suitable for me as it was ranked the highest with 99%.

I think this sector is most suitable for me as I have chosen ICT at GCSE as well as A level. I am also very interested in computers and ICT which would mean I would enjoy teaching ICT and secondary school. I have not chosen do work in the other two mentioned pathways. The reason for this is because the healthcare sector requires roughly 15 years at university. I know that I won’t be able to stay at university as I will get bored at my debts will increase immensely. Another reason for this is because it requires more qualification than I have; a science course have to be chosen at college/6th form and I have taken these courses.

Similarly, I have not chosen to enter in the public service sector because I find the job is more physically challenge and I believe I am not able to handle these sort of tasks. My career pathway is as follows: After finishing my A levels, I will apply to 5 universities I wish to attend. This is so that if I don’t get into my chosen university, I still have other options still available to me. After being accepted into my chosen university, I will apply for a student loan to help me with my finances.

During my time in university I will undergo a PGCSE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education) which lasts for 1 years as well as a BEd (Bachelor of Education) which lasts for 4 years. After successfully passing these, it will allow me to take the exams in Numeracy, English and Science which will then mean I can apply for a teaching position in a school and I can gain the Newly Qualified Teacher status. During university, I will go a variety of experiences such as work experience as well as training to help further my knowledge and skills.

I will know be looking at the suitability of for my career pathway. The career pathway I have is realistic and I also believe I could meet all the requirements needed. This pathway requires a lot of personal qualities, such as enthusiasm for example a feeling of excitement towards the work, punctuality in terms of arriving on time as well as effort and respect. I believe my personal qualities match most the ones needed, for example I am hardly ever late to school, and I have received many certificated for my outstanding attendance There was another route which could be taken up.

It is fairly similar to the route which I will be taking up but this route I would work in a different working environment and then do an undergraduate course. Taking this route would allow me to get the necessary qualifications needed whilst training to become a teacher. Taking this pathway would allow me to get into teaching quickly whilst getting my training at the same time. However I not chosen to undertake this pathway because it would mean I would spent less time on my courses which could result in me not get the sufficient knowledge required

I have considered taking alternate career routes because there may be factors that would mean I can’t take my chosen route for example lack of finance. This might occur if I spend more than I have budgeted. It is important for my income to stay equal or above my expenditure because it may have a great effect on my future. For example if I have considered only one route and it has an effect on my expenditure then this would affect my future as I wouldn’t have an alternative career route to choose from.

Therefore I should consider an alternative career route that does not have such a major impact on my expenditure which I can undertake if I cannot undergo my chosen career route. My chosen pathway requires dealing with students of different ages as well as other employees (teachers). Therefore I need a variety of skills in order for me to carry out my job successfully. Perhaps the most important skills that is required is communication skills as it is vital for me to communicate with the students in order me to pass on knowledge and assist them with their problems.

I believe I posses this as the majority of the people who filled out the skills assessment sheet based on me said that I have good communication skills. However, I could improve this skill by getting involved in debates and introduce myself to new people. By doing this I would be improving my communicational skills and also will be gaining confidence at the same time. However one quality which I could improve on is enthusiasm. I believe I don’t possess this quality as I am a quiet person and tend to keep my emotions to myself.

However, I could develop this quality by showing the amount of effort I put in my work that way employers could realise. Another skill that I lack is innovation skills as 3 people said I have good innovation skills whereas 2 people said average and 1 person said satisfactory. This would mean I won’t be able to come up with new ways to teach i. e. plan activities, I would give repetitive tasks such as homework and class work. This would lead the students getting bored which would be they won’t perform to the best of their ability. Therefore I need to focus improving on this skill.

I could do this by looking at examples of other teachers of by attending training courses. As I’m working towards becoming a secondary school teacher I could develop my personal qualities to mach my job. An example of how I could do this is for punctuality, I could arrive 15 minutes early for every lesson. This will prepare me for waking up early and getting to my work place either on time or earlier. It will also give me more time to prepare for the lesson that is about to commence. There are a number of factors that could affect my chosen pathway.

One of these factors is not getting the required amount of funds to pay my finances. There are an increased number of university places which would mean I may not get into my chosen university. This would mean I would have to go to another university which may not offer the courses I wish to undertake. An increase in university places would mean there is more demand for student loan which would mean I could get rejected if I apply as the government could lack funds especially in this day and age due to the current recession. There are many benefits working within the teaching sector.

One of these if the holidays. Teachers get holidays including half terms, Christmas, Easter and summer. There holidays mean I can take a break and spend time with my family. Another benefit of working in the teaching sector is that it is a public sector job which means that my salary would be paid to me by the government so there is less chance if me being made redundant. Teachers get a pay rise based on the amount of experience and responsibility they undergo for example if someone were to become head of a department, then they would get a pay rise.

This would motivate me to take on more responsibility and would support me financially. However the drawbacks of working within the sector is that I may be required to work long hours for example if there is parents evening running. Another drawback is that I may get bored of teaching as I would be teaching the same specification over and over again. This would have a great effect in my job role for the reason that if I am bored then I would not want to work to my best ability as well as it would affect the learning and the teaching within the school.

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