Evaluate Data Collection Methods

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The invoice does not store staff wages or their details The log book will store all the information , although it is not reliable, it means that I can read the information at my own leisure time This will be the most adequate, but staff may not give me the right information and I will need to ask them when they are not busy, so they don’t try to rush through the interview. I will look at the log book to get the staff wages and their details, as this will mean less hassle than interviewing the staff Info will be collected by the staff swiping their ID card when they enter and leave for work. This will tell us how long they worked, and if they were in work.

Staff Pay scale The invoice will not store staff pay scale details The log book will contain all the information that I will need , it will be reliable because it will tell me what number on the scale will earn how much money per hour This will not be the best way because the staff will know their own wages and some other peoples but they won’t know it that detailed enough. I will look at the log books, as it will have to correct data Information will collect working ID card which will contain what pay scale they are. Data Entry Method: Barcode: a series of vertical lines with a unique identification code, laser scanners read the bar codes and the information is transmitted to a computer for processing. Barcodes are in wide use in supermarkets, libraries and retail shops.

This isn’t suitable for my system because my data is in small quantities and doesn’t need a barcode system, it will be need at further when the company expands and has more products. Also  arcodes are used for products that are small and can be moved around, but barcodes aren’t used for selling houses because comparatively less is sold and the product isn’t moved around. Key to Disk – This is typing the data onto the computer using a keyboard, although this isn’t expensive and is easy to use, it does take quite a lot of time and errors are often caused by this method. But still, this method is practical and simple and can be used for our system. This method doesn’t require the user to be trained a lot and is efficient for small quantities of data. It could be used in my system to enter the product name, and it details. This method will be used mainly for all entering all my data.

Optical Character Recognition: This equipment scans the page containing text and studies each character and compares them with what has been stored. Although some of these can read the text quickly there is an extremely high rate of errors being caused? This will not be used because the equipment is expensive and isn’t reliable. Optical Mark Reader: This scans marks and converts them into characters. My system consists of letters and numbers and not marks therefore there aren’t going to be any marks to convert. This method will not be useful for my system. To minimise any mistakes or errors in the information put onto the system to calculate profit or loss, there are many methods in which the computer can use to do this.

Range check- is performed on numbers to make sure that they lie within a specified range. An example a validation rule is that is a company has 20 products it can sell more than 20 products it only can sell 20 or less, so rage check helps reduce making those kind of errors. Character-type check- makes sure that the correct types of characters have been entered. For example, if text is inserted for house number then the computer will inform the user and not let him carry on until the mistake has been corrected. Spell Check- This check will make sure that the words have been spelt correctly and the grammar is also right. Suggestions will be given if the words aren’t right.

Validation is cheap and very quick because the computer does it, but it does not guarantee to find all errors. This will minimise errors and therefore is effective. All the mistakes will not be corrected because the computer only does what it has been told to look out for that is why a lot of validations should be used to completely minimise the number of mistakes made.

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