Environmental Problems

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Nowadays one of the biggest problems which all human beings are facing is an environmental problem. Animals are dying and people are worried about forests destruction and ozone depletion. A lot of people come with new ideas to stop environmental pollutions everyday. However, none of those ideas have worked out yet and the environment is becoming worse and worse every day. I have some suggestions that I believe would be useful in this situation. The environmental problems would be eliminated by sending animals to a safe place; making earth devoid of trees and building a protection against sun’s ultraviolet rays.

At the early part of twenty century human activities increased. These activities had a lot of negative effects on the earth, people and animals. Long ago, animals used to live in harmony with humans, but today Humans treat animals like they are extra in this world. Although, today should be the day which people prove they care about other creatures. Moving animals to a safe place which they could live in peace is the least thing which people can do for them. Is there any place for them better than the South Pole?

No one would bother them in the South Pole because South Pole is very cold and humans do not bother themselves to go there. Thus, by sending animals to the South Pole one of the environmental problems would be eliminated. Moreover, one of the other environmental problems which plays a key role in making people concern is destroying threes. Humans are destroying forests because they need wood and space for making house, street, school and etc.

On the other hand, they always say: “What is going to happen in future? or “Is it possible that one day there would not remain any trees on earth?. ” Geologists say: “If we do not stop cutting trees, after a couple of the century there would not be any trees in the earth” so if it is going to happen in future, it is better that it is happen right now. If there would not be any trees, people would not complain about that. Therefore, by destroying all forests, one of the biggest environmental problems would be solved easily. In addition, destroying the ozone layer is another negative effect which increasing human activities cause.

The ozone layer is like a protective blanket around earth, which does not let ultraviolet light to injure our body, especially our skin. Nevertheless, the ozone layer can be destroyed by hydroxyl, nitric oxide, atomic chlorine and bromine, which their amounts are increasing because of increasing human activities. How can we stop the destruction of the ozone? Answering to this question is easily stated. If a huge umbrella would be made to cover the earth, ultraviolet lights would not effect people anymore. Thus, people would not be worried about ozone destruction and these problem would be solved, the same as others.

Consequently, there can be no doubt that by these proposals, the environmental problems would be solved. With sending all animals to the South Pole,there would be no one to bother them. Also, If there would not be any trees in the world, no one would complain about destroying them. Furthermore, making a big umbrella to cover the earth can protect humans from ultraviolet light. By sending animals to the South Pole, cutting all trees and making a big umberalla around the earth, the earth would be a safe place for all existence.

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