Environmental Pollution

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Tropical rainforests are important to everyone, not just to the plants and animals living there. Nowadays, the areas covered by rainforests around the world are rapidly shrinking, and many countries that have tropical rainforests are poor. These are very big threats that will influence extremely not only nature, economy, culture but also heath and longevity of human. Therefore, it is very necessary to make a conversation about tropical rainforests. Today, a few of these rainforest cultures still live in West Africa, Borneo, and the Amazon.

They cut small amounts of the rainforests to build their homes and to burn as firewood, and travel as a group to collect and hunt food. Life is changing very rapidly for rainforest people. As the rainforests are destroyed, how are their homes and their life? Roads are often built through the rainforest for oil and gas exploration, logging, and mining. These roads and development often chop up the traditional homelands of the local cultures. Outside people also bring diseases like colds, pneumonia, and measles.

All these things are endangering the culture and life of the rainforest people. Tropical rainforest becomes more and more important to not only rainforest people but everyone around the world. Scientists have shown that they are always discovering new plants in tropical forests. Some of these plants contain substances that can be made into medicines. “Image losing the potential cure for cancer or AIDS that might have been found in an undiscovered plant from the rainforest. ” (Tropical Rainforest Coalition, 1996).

More than 1,400 varieties of tropical plants are thought to be potential cures for cancer. The plants and animals of the rainforest also provide us with food, fuel wood, shelter, jobs. In addition, tropical rainforests store huge quantities of carbon, while producing much of the world’s oxygen. Some people call tropical rainforests the lungs of the planet because they make so much of the oxygen that mankind animals breathe. Another important role tropical rainforests play is in regulating global weather. They maintain regular rainfall. They also help prevent floods, droughts, and erosion.

Human needs the tropical rainforests to make their life better, but why are these rainforests being cut down? More land is needed for farming, logging, and mining. The wood can be used for what we need and the space cleared for more land. Also, the government get paid for it so they chop more and more down. Timber and woodwork are traded with other countries. When timber companies cut down valuable hardwoods in a forest in an irresponsible way, the process usually destroys all surrounding vegetation and jeopardizes the wildlife that depended on that lost vegetation.

Around the world, people are clearing land to grow crops. While people need to grow food, in many countries, there is no law to prevent people from entering a forest, cutting it down, burning the dry vegetation, and planting seeds. Because most of a rainforest’s nutrients are found in its diverse flora, the soils that support so much biodiversity are actually quite thin and poor. The farmers can grow crops in the ashes of burned forests for a few years, but eventually, the nutrient-poor soils give out, and the colonists must move farther into the forest and start again.

The abandoned lands are often used by ranchers to graze livestock. On average, six acres of pastureland in the tropics are needed to feed just one cow. People who need wood for fuel also cause deforestation. Illegal logging is also a problem. Development projects like dams, new settlements, highways and large-scale mining and petroleum projects are also leading causes of deforestation. So, what should be done? It is necessary to give the rainforests time to recover from human activities like logging.

More research and strong conservations are the best tools for protecting tropical rainforests. Instead of cutting the forests, some people take visitors on hikes in the forests, which is part of a conservation effort known as ecotourism. People are also trying to help wildlife survive by creating protected areas and rehabilitation centers. The solution must be based on what is feasible, not overly idealistic, and depends on developing a conservation approach built on the principle of sustainable use and evelopment of rainforests.

Beyond the responsible development of rainforests, efforts to rehabilitate and restore degraded forest lands along with the establishment of protected areas are keys to secure rainforests for the long-term benefits which they can provide mankind. Mankind can not stay heathy without existing of tropical rainforests, so protecting these rainforests is a thing that must be done by everyone around the world. Protecting tropical rainforests is saving human from dying.

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