Environmental change

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The environment of the earth has changed dramatically in the last few years and until today it is continuing to change with the same rhythms. The first change in the climate seems to appear long time ago. The first climate change appears at 1827 and was noticed by a French scientist named Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier and he made a compelling observation. He concluded that the earth’s atmosphere acts like an immense garden greenhouse, trapping heat to warm the planet. He called the phenomenon “un effet de verre,” which means “an effect of glass.” The “greenhouse effect” is a natural phenomenon. Without it, temperatures on earth would be too cold for humans. Here’s how the greenhouse effect operates:

Approximately 30 percent of the sun’s energy that reaches the earth is reflected by the surface and the atmosphere back into space. But the rest of the solar radiation is engaged in the atmosphere and in the area of the earth that helps to warm the planet. The earth now, radiates back to atmosphere heat which is engaged by the greenhouse. The result is to keep the earth surface warm in order to ensure life. The heat that is going out of the planet is mainly to avoid the overheating of the planet. As we can see in the picture 1, in the appendix page 6, the climate change is obvious. This picture is taken by a research team by Greenpeace of the Patagonian glaciers and shows us the climate change has caused the ice to melt this century when comparing to photos of the same glaciers taken in 1928.

Environmental change – how to profit

We are going to analyse the environmental changes and how that can affect the organisations and how they can profit. We are going to explain the how the climate change had appears and what are the main factors for the environmental changes and what countries are the most responsible for those changes. Also how those changes can affect the UK? Furthermore what kind of measures has been taken in order to prevent the environmental collapse. Also how can that affect the companies and how they can change the situation and make profit.

How has this happened?

The climate change as we mentioned above it had appear long time ago. Nowadays the climate has change and as a result we have the global warming. The greenhouse phenomenon, which was created by the nature in order to ensure that the temperature of the atmosphere is the needed for the humans, is affected and that has very bad news for the entire planet. That climate change had appears for several reasons. One of them, and the most important, is by the human factor and the rapid technological growth that he invented in order to make easier his life e.g airplanes, trains, boats, automobiles etc. Read pollution questions for students

Also we have the industrial revolution affected the global climate by the new materials that they were using such as oil, petrol etc.

Further more we have the use of the fossil oil, which is oil, gas and coal, and it is being used mostly for new ways of power, electricity and lighting. In the effort to invent new and innovative sources of power the human damage the environment without thinking the future consequences. Also the human is being deforestate large areas damaging the nature in order to build some new facilities.

Who are the main culprits?

In the figure 1, in the appendix page 6, we can see the countries that are damaging the most the environment for years now without taking any kind of measures for that. USA is one of the most polluting countries that damage irreparably the environment. The second country is the area of the EU and the 15 states members and following China, Russia, Japan and finally India.

Main culprits

USA as we mentioned above is the country with the highest percentage of pollution as it concerns the CO2 level. In the last 14 years, since 1990, USA had increase the percentage of pollution by 16% which means that it completely ignores the environment and does not want to take any measures to prevent the environmental collapse. Also USA is one of the countries that pulled out of Kyoto agreement mainly because of economic concerns. The Kyoto agreement is mainly concerned with the reduce of the emissions by industrialised nations that have to reduce by the law the level of emissions by an average of 5.2% below their 1990 levels by the period 2008-2012. Kyoto agreement has a total of 188 countries that have signed that and USA is one of the countries that did not want to participate.

EU, with the 15 members’ states, is the country with the second percentage of emissions. All the members have enrolled into the Kyoto agreement on contraire with USA. However the greenhouse gases had increased by a percentage of 1% and still rising from the year 2001. China is the country with the third highest percentage and since it is a country under development it is not required to reduce the emissions from its industries. However the emissions have been reduced by 17% since the year of mid of 1990’s.

Furthermore we have Russia which is the second country that is against Kyoto agreement, has reduce the emissions by 40% since 1990 but this is mainly cause of the economic decline that happened. Russia can make billions of dollars through selling its emission entitlement to other countries and take her out of the economic decline.

After Russia we have Japan which feels a moral right about the Kyoto agreement since it was developed and signed in that country. Other countries feel that Japanese could find ways for new and clean technology.

Finally we have India that had an increase of 52% of emissions since 1990 which is very dangerous if it is going up with those rhythms. It seems that India want to compete USA which is in the first place.

The extreme conditions

As the climate is changing the possibility for extreme weather conditions is even higher. Even in small temperature change we can have extreme conditions but definitely going to have extreme conditions if we have big increase of the temperature. Those extreme condition can characterized as floods which can destroy entire countries that are near or surrounded by sea such as India, Bangladesh etc , anomalous temperatures, for example very hot days during the winter or even very cold days in the winter and very clod or very hot days during the summer. Also countries that are not very hot e.g UK can be seriously affected by those changes as it concerns about the hot days. We can also have tropical or other kind of storms that can easily destroy the agriculture of a country and affect the economy.


The environment is a vital factor for the human life. For many years now human is damaging the environment in order to make his life easier without thinking the future consequences. The condition of the environment is crucial and we need to take measures before it collapse. And it will collapse soon if we continue to pollute it with the same rhythms, then every measure that we will take will be unnecessary. So we all have to try and protect the environment with every possible way.

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