English Speech on Current Issues

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Good morning/afternoon Mrs. ramcharan and my fellow class mates my topic for current issues is on educators that err

The reason why I have chosen this topic is because in our very own country we have this issue and many other countries also have these issues but they have and are finding ways to deal with their educators that do not comply with their standards and criteria. Our government is trying to bring our education to par with the other 1st world countries.

This is not an easy task for us learners that are being talked down to merely because of a specific choice of course or because you are excelling in a subject that is easy for many to pass. This does not help the student in any way what so ever, this only brings down their self esteem even more if they have social problems, family issues or maybe they just have a learning disability. The reasoning behind me saying educators that err is simply because students, parents and social problems encountered by the students aren’t the only components that allow the child to not progress as well as their intellectual level allows them to.

Educators that discourage students should not be encouraged to carry on teaching in a school with excellent pass rates. The educator will only be allowing the student to bring down the school’s name and reputation. The other reason being why students don’t excel in chosen subjects in grades 10, 11 & 12 is because the guidance that they seeked was either not available or they were not advised by many people close to them or their educators.

If not they would choose subjects that they were weak in and would obviously thereafter fail their course subjects chosen and therefore the year, and then given an easier course to do the next year. Thus getting educators that do not teach because they want to, we are getting educators that teach because they had no other choice. Educators who just teach for the sake of a pay check and not for the love of educating the nation and improving our country and communities have students that do not progress as well as the students that are being taught by an educator that teaches for the love of teaching.

Reason being is an educator teaching with love shows more compassion, care and affection toward his or her students than an educator that teachers just for a pay check. In that case if we are going to have educators that do not try to motivate and get their students to excel in all their subjects then they should not take teaching as an option in the first place. They rather take what their calling is or what they want to do, not ruin or throw the countries education system down the drain because they chose a career that they did not want to follow in the first place.

The main point of this speech is me just pointing out that educators cannot be always putting the blame on the students and should take some of the blame where the blame is due. Like the saying goes “if the cap fits you wear it”. Thank you. The two man points in my speech are that educators cannot only blame the students for their poor performance. They should take some of the blame where the blame is due, like the saying goes “if the cap fits wear it. ” The second point is that putting a student down on his or her course choice does not help the student it only makes them do worse in this world today.

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