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“On January 22, 2010 Madonna performed ‘Like a Prayer’ at ‘Hope for Haiti Now’ Telethon. The week before she endorsed the relief efforts of the charity organization ‘Partners in Health’, donating $250,000 toward their work with victims of the Haitian earthquake. ‘Partners in Health’ works to bring modern medical care to the world’s poorest communities and it has had a presence in Haiti for 20 yrs. ” (MTV News Top Stories) Madonna Louise Ciccone, best known as Madonna was born August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan. Madonna has many occupations, but basically known for as a singer/songwriter and actress.

She also has written children’s books, has directed, and is a philanthropist. (Wikipedia) Madonna should be admired for her generosity, success, and courage. The first reason why Madonna should be admired is for her generosity. Other than being an achieved singer/songwriter, Madonna has been supporting charities for many years now. “In 2006 Madonna, and Michael Berg founded Raising Malawi, a non-profit organization supporting community-based organizations that provide vulnerable children and caregivers with nutritious food, proper clothing, secure shelter, formal education, targeted medical care, emotional care, and psychosocial support.

She actively gives money to many causes, many relating to children, and is a Patron of Children of Peace. Children of Peace is a non-partisan, multi faith charity dedicated to building friendship, trust and reconciliation between Israeli, and Palestinian children, aged 4-17, and their communities. Their aim is to develop a shared spirit via arts, education, health and sports programs; so future generations might live and work together peacefully side-by-side. A few other charities she supports are Afghanistan Relief Organization, Live Earth, and Ray of Light Foundation. (All cited by Look to the Stars)

The second reason why Madonna should be admired is for her success. “Her first album ‘Madonna’ came out in 1983, and she is still coming out with new albums. 12 Studio Albums, six compilation, three soundtrack, three live, 11 extended plays, and three remix albums and 21 box sets that she has made and put out to stores to sell. Madonna has also made many videos. All together she has made sixty-seven music videos, nine concert tour videos, four music video compilations, four music video singles, two documentaries, two box sets and four promotional videos.

Madonna has had nine concert tours, eight which have been worldwide. Her first tour was ‘The Virgin Tour’ in 1985. The highest grossing Tour was the Sticky and Sweet Tour with $408 million in ticket sales. Writing books was another thing added into her success. She wrote 9 Coffee Table books, 9 picture books, and 12 chapter books. She has won quite a few Grammies, a few Golden Globe Awards, one for Best Actress in Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy for her role in Evita.

In 2007, Madonna was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She has released a clothing line with daughter Lourdes, named Material Girl after her look in the 80’s. One other thing she has done was open up a series of fitness centers around the world named Hard Candy Fitness. (All cited from Wikipedia) All this success has been just in her working world. In her personal life she has four children. Two of those four children have been adopted from Malawi. The third reason why Madonna should be admired is that she has courage.

She wouldn’t be where she is now if she didn’t” drop out of college and move to NYC where she met Dan Gilroy when she was a background dancer for Patrick Hernandez. Dan Gilroy and she started up a band called the Breakfast Club”. (Wikipedia) Every album she has made has had courage behind making it to have it sound different than her past albums. Her look changes per album, from sexy, to wearing weird cone looking tops, looking like a dominatrix, and many more different types of looks.

I would say one of the biggest things she has done to show courage would be making the sex book. She obviously didn’t care what people thought about her while she was making that. It is courages just being able to put naked pictures of herself out there for everybody to see. (Cited all from Wikipedia) Nobody in this world is perfect, including Madonna. She has had downfalls. Between 1992 and 1994 I would say was the time that she was doing really bold things. She made an album ‘Erotica’, Body of Evidence, a film containing sexual innuendos.

This is the time that she also wrote the ‘Sex’ book. “The releases of her sexually explicit films, albums and book, and the aggressive appearance on Letterman all made critics question Madonna as a sexual renegade. She faced strong negative publicity from critics and fans, who commented that ‘she had gone too far’ and that her career was over”. (Cited all from Wikipedia) Madonna is a person that I think should be admired. The reasons why I think she should be a person that would be admired is for her generosity, success, and courage.

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