Employment Opportunities

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Thus, the elements that affect an individual’s relationship with a brand are: The relationship between the product and the customer, and The type of person the brand represents. The consumer obviously would like the personality traits to be that of his own. One important relationship for many brands is a friendship link characterised by trust, dependability, understanding, and caring. A friend is there for you, treats you with respect, is comfortable, is someone you like, and is an enjoyable person with whom to spend time (Brand Personality-The relationship Basis Model, groups. haas.berkeley. edu).

An organisation depends on its management and strategic leadership capability to make critical adaptations for higher performance, especially in highly competitive markets like mobile telephones. These leaders capitalise on external and internal market changes, stimulate debate, and motivate people to take action. This may sound easier than done. One must not forget that it takes a lot of persuasion and dedication to exploit current business opportunities while developing new ones. What organisational designs best facilitate this? Strategic renewal process of course!

In such a situation, the strategic leaders arrange for a back-to-basics meeting with their support team to identify and analyse what the organisation stood for. This is a time for introspection and a revisit to the drawing board where among other things the following questions are asked: What does the organisation stand for and what does it do to achieve this? Why does the organisation do this and how does it do this? Does everyone know the way this business operates and also how the organisation covers its risks? Do you all know how well the business is doing and if so, is it going in the right direction?

Do you foresee further growth potential, and if so, how? This is the time for introspection. How many times have employees of an organisation been called for such a critical meeting or discussion as this? None, to be honest, would be most replies. It’s true. Management never brings their support staff into any critical decision meetings, for the simple reason that they see workers as slaves. This is not the right attitude towards workers. Strategic management involves the participation of all class of employees, whether they are programmers, developers, marketers, or managers.

Many people work for an organisation, yet only a chosen few would know how their organisational business evolves and how its many components work holistically. Process mapping is a way to demonstrate these issues. Once these issues are addressed, questions are raised and answers recorded. Questions in the context of total participation sharpen the awareness of process interrelationships among the working group. The strategic team then uses these inputs to identify ways to improve quality and productivity and to drive significant cycle time out of operations.

As in the case of Algeiser BC Pvt. Ltd. , the competitive landscape demands new strategy formulation and implementation (John Kittredge, p. 1-2, 2003). When a company pursues its interest of developing or expanding its existing business, employment opportunities arise. Stiff competition in the U. S Mobile industry has led to mobile phone (Cell phones) manufacturers to look for features that can enhance their market value and develop brand equity. The U. S and UK have a strong mobile usage base, and this has led to many more companies entering the fray to bite into the large market segment.

Production costs are cut through lay-offs and contracting works and some of the major players have opened their production units in these countries to beat logistic costs. With the opening of such production units within their country, many natives are assured of employment and better life. As mentioned a little earlier, production increases on demand, and demand arise from additional features and other attractive parameters that customers elicit from it. This leads to increase the country’s GDP, employment level, and government revenue through taxes. The following figure 1 gives an insight of how the economics works.

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